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60+ Patriotic Sayings for Crafters

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If you haven’t jumped on the patriotic product bandwagon, you should. The neat thing about patriotic products is that you can sell them all summer long! Most of the products you make will be able to be marketed for Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.

To help get you started, I’m sharing some patriotic sayings for crafters today.

60+ Patriotic Sayings for Crafters -

60+ Patriotic Sayings for Crafters

Home of the Brave
God Bless America
Proud to be American
America the Beautiful
Let Freedom Ring
Freedom Isn’t Free
In God We Trust
Tastes Like Freedom
Red, White, and Boujee
Honor and Remember
A Nation Built on Dreams
I’m Here for the Snacks & Freedom
Duty, honor, country
From Sea to Shining Sea
One Nation Under God
Party Like It’s Independence Day
All American Boy/Girl/Mom/Grandpa/etc
Our Little Firecracker
Snap, Crackle, Pop
American Dude/Babe
Party in the USA
Freedom Rocks
American Made
Red, White, and Blue
Red, White, and BOOM
America the Beautiful
Born to Sparkle
Est. 1776
Stars and Stripes Forever
United We Stand
Star spangled stud
Oh my stars (or stripes)
We have pride in the red, white, and blue
Family, friends, freedom
Liberty, Freedom, Independence
Flags, Stars, Fireworks
Home of the free, because of the brave
Mr./Ms. America
My 1st Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th
Star spangled cutie
Red, white, and cute
I sparkle brighter than fireworks
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of sparkles (or glitter)
I’m a little firecracker
Little Ms. Liberty
4th of July Crew
America, My Home Sweet Home
Time to get star spangled hammered
Sweet Land of Liberty
Fireworks Junkie
Fireworks Expert
Time to get red, white, and boozed
Red, white, and brew
USA Born and Raised
Patriotic Vibes
Broad stripes, bright stars
Little Miss/Mr Independent
Made in the USA
Made in America
Meet me under the fireworks

Potential Trademark Infringements

Like any of the crafting inspiration lists on Cutting for Business, be sure to check for trademark conflicts before selling products with any saying.

You can check potential trademark infringements through the TESS database. Use my tutorial on how to check the TESS database to guide you.

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Sunday 4th of June 2017

I'm new to this and a little confused but I thought you could help me. I'm starting a small cricut vinyl business for local people on my Facebook. I'm just wondering if I can use these sayings or I have to totally avoid them.


Tuesday 13th of June 2017

As always, you'd need to check the TESS database for trademark infringements.