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108 Craft Business Names

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Looking for a good craft business name? I’ve gotten so many emails and requests to add more names to my craft business name bank, I’m excited to share a larger list of craft business names today.

Buyer Beware: If you see a name you like, register it before someone else does.

108 Craft Business Names -

5 Things to Do Before You Choose a Craft Business Name

  1. Always buy the domain name. Read why your craft business needs a domain name.
  2. Look up possible trademark infringements. Don’t know how to do this? Head over and read How to Search the US Trademark Database & Interpret Results.
  3. Check to see if matching social media handles are available. It is easiest for your customers to find you if your social media handles match your business name. Unfortunately, someone might be using a name already on social media and just hasn’t registered the domain.
  4. Verify that no one else is using your name. I wrote in depth about this in the post How to Find Out If Your Craft Business Name is Already Taken.
  5. Get inspired by reading how 50+ Craft Business Owners Chose Their Name.

What About Craft Business Name Generators?

There are a number of craft business name generators floating around the internet. You type in a few keywords and they come up with (often silly or nonsensical!) names. I just wanted to take a minute and note that I did not use name generators to come up with this list. Instead, I brainstormed (for hours!) with a pen and paper.

The names I’m sharing are easily brandable, fun, and can be used in a variety of craft businesses. For example, there are a few names below that would work great for a craft blog, a DIY studio, or even a supplier. I also steered clear of names with the words ‘Boutique’, ‘Designs’, ‘Mama’, and ‘Creations’. There are so many businesses already using names with these words that it can be difficult to stand out. Now, onto the names!

108 Craft Business Names

  • The Country Painter
  • Craft Concierge
  • Colorful Cups
  • Paint and Nails
  • Crafted Comfort Co.
  • Glitter and Glue
  • The Felted Hen
  • Artsy Wood
  • Red House Crafts
  • Teal & Aqua Craft Company
  • Island Craft Co.
  • Urban Decals
  • Bossy Crafter
  • Tropical Crafter
  • Big City Craft Collective
  • Old Barn Crafts
  • Snip & Fold Studio
  • Painted Grove Co.
  • Red Shed Craft Company
  • The Shirt Artist
  • Little Lake Crafts
  • Tumbler Craft Company
  • Peach Tree Crafts
  • The Preppy Hammer
  • Scrapbook Sanctuary
  • The Craft Barn
  • The Glittered Cup
  • Sparkling Threads
  • Retro Craft Company
  • Crooked Fence Crafts
  • Handmade with Heart
  • The Modern Maker
  • The Creative Boss
  • Crafty Love
  • Studio (Your Name), Example: Studio Christine
  • The Shiny Button
  • Glitter & Glue Galore
  • Crafty Minimalist
  • The Crafty Crafter
  • The Handmade Crafter
  • The Wooden Hammer
  • Metal & Wood Workshop
  • Lemon & Lime Crafts
  • Retro Rustics Co.
  • Brown Barn Craft Company
  • Perfectly Crafted
  • Crafty Curators Club
  • (Your Name) Studio & Co., Example: Sarah Studio & Co.
  • The Shirt Artist
  • Pink Truck Crafts
  • Red Ruby Crafts
  • Crafty Ideas
  • Maker Haven
  • Brush & Bloom Designs
  • Vintage Varnish Crafts
  • Artisan Avenue Crafts
  • Painted Wood Company
  • Rainbow Mugs Studio
  • Five Thread Crafts
  • Paper & Scissors Studio
  • Oak & Elm Wood Company
  • Teal Water Crafts
  • Spool & Sparkle Co.
  • The Cozy Chickadee
  • Project: Craft
  • Woodworking Wonders
  • Personalized Pig
  • Shoreline Crafts
  • Crafty Cabin Concierge
  • Handcrafted Hideaway
  • Rustic Pine Craft Co.
  • Snip & Sew Studio
  • Vintage Vibe Crafts
  • Tumbler Time
  • Paper Passion Crafts
  • Rustic Revival Workshop
  • White Forest Crafts
  • Island Time Crafts
  • Stamp & Stencil Studio
  • Sparkle Shirts
  • Artistic Timber
  • Vintage Vibes Workshop
  • Scarlet Sky Crafts
  • Tiny Dots Craft Company
  • Brush & Palette Parlor
  • Rock, Paper, Craft
  • Charmingly Crafted
  • Paper Anchor Craft Company
  • Painted Pine Woodcraft
  • Blue Door Signs
  • Sunshine & Scissors Crafts
  • Hammer & Hues Crafts
  • The Shiny Sheep
  • Sparkling Stitches
  • Coastal Canvas Crafts
  • Brush & Hammer Crafts
  • Scrapbook Studio
  • Artisan Alley
  • Crafty Cottage Collective
  • Creative Craftworks
  • Handmade Happiness Hub
  • Crafty Chic Studio
  • Handmade Heirlooms
  • Buttoned Up Crafts
  • The Felted Farmhouse
  • Tumbler Temptations
  • Rustic Brush Crafts
  • Craft Corner Concierge