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How 50+ Craft Business Owners Chose Their Craft Business Name

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Deciding on a craft business name can be difficult. I have some tips for you in these posts:

I recently asked Cutting for Business readers the meanings behind their craft business names. I was so inspired by the conversation and the thought behind the names that I had to share their answers with everyone. Some will make you laugh, some will make you go ‘Awwwww!’, and some will make you want to cry!

How 50 Craft Business Owners Chose Their Business Name -

How 50+ Craft Business Owners Chose Their Craft Business Name

  • Elly from Silhouette Secrets+ shared: As a Terri Johnson Creates Licensed Silhouette Instructor I knew I wanted to have something that would incorporate the Silhouette name…. with approval from Silhouette and after much brainstorming with my hubby, this is what was chosen. I am also a CTMH Consultant & wanted to have my blog be able to encompass it all and that’s where the + came in.
  • Penny says: Morrison Monogramming. My daughter-in-law picked it, but it’s long. Hard for customers to write on checks.
  • Nicole shared that her business name is Nima Inspired. My name is Nicole Marie, which is a very popular name. When I worked as a hair stylist in a Brooklyn hair salon, I had to create a name for myself because the salon owner and master stylist had the exact same name as me, Nicole Marie. So! After much thought, I decided on the name Nima. Which is the first two letters of my first and middle name. The nick name has stuck with me and I’ve identified with it. And I’m inspired by everything artistic and pretty. I didn’t want to be limited to one thing in my creative business, hence the name, Nima Inspired.
  • Jessica said: Peanut and Bear. Named after my nicknames for my kids.
  • Chantal shared that she has two businesses: Chantal’s Gifts and Chantal’s Mugs. She says they are easy to remember and she doesn’t forget who she is! LOL!
  • Tiffany noted: My business name is Merchant’s Circle. I tried to come up with ideas and it just came to me. It stands for a full circle of products from different merchants, including myself. I sell anything from boutique clothes to candles to signs to graphic tees to pillows. All sorts of stuff.
  • Abbye says: My business name is For the Love of KateLeigh. My daughter’s name. Because she is why I do this.
  • Lisa shared: My business name is 525 Applied Designs. It is my wedding anniversary. May 25, and somewhat of a description of what I do: vinyl and cutting designs.
  • Christine said: I like purple, I like ponies, hence Purple Pony Art. It’s very memorable for my craft show customers.
  • Stephanie told us: It’s Twister Creations: my brothers and I joined forces last year. They’re twins. I’m the sister. They’ve since gone their own way as far as jobs go so now I’m flying solo. I’ve debated coming up with a new name.
  • Felicia shared that her business name is: June Rain Creations. In memory of my older sister Betty June, who we lost to a strong battle with colon cancer. She always told me “a rainy day gave, the next day new hope!”
  • Sara Beth said: CutFiles4U. I wanted something short and to the point. I had planned to sell just cut files for crafters, but I also teach classes with the Silhouette Cameo too.
  • Dalia shared: House of Tabby (creations) after my rescued gray tabby cat which I’m obsessed about!
  • Jessica said: My business name is Hey Mrs. Allen! Is what my husband’s coworkers are always yelling no matter where or when they see me. It just stuck. One day I was at the market and I dropped something and didn’t know it. The boy who stopped me yelled “Hey Mrs. Allen!” When I asked how he knew my name he told me that husbands coworker is always saying it when he sees me.
  • Yvonne shared that her business name is Mama’s Memories. I was trying to find a way to incorporate the memories I make with my children when I craft and thought it was fitting.
  • Missy said: We are Goose Valley Vinyl or GVV if you want to shorten it. We have a big corn field next to our house that the geese flock to every year. When hundreds fly overhead it gets so loud in the house. Hence, Goose Valley. It’s pretty awesome sight.
  • Ashley said: My business name is AAM Crafts & Creations. I chose my initials because it would be easy for my customers/clients to remember and used crafts and creations so that I wouldn’t be limited to what I felt I could do under my business currently my concentration is vinyl items but I am starting to add sewn items as well.
  • Laura shared: Boys and Bolts; Boys after my two active boys and Bolts from fabric bolts (my business started as a sewing business but has evolved to vinyl).
  • Julie told us: I named mine after my 2 Yorkies. Ones name is Missy and the others name is Sadie so we became Miss Sadie’s Designs. My other one is all digital cut files and they are made for others so it’s CutFiles4You.
  • Sherra said: Simply Sweet Accents: when I began making things using the Silhouette they were simple accents for things in my home.
  • Jessica shared that Dream Acres Fabrication is named after my parents farm land.
  • Joetta said: My business name is Mam N Paps Designs. We chose this name because it is what our grand kids call us and we are always coming up with new ideas.
  • Jackie told us: Lake Family Creations LLC, my husband, myself and my daughter-in-law all contribute to making items for our business. It is a family effort. We do all different things, I do wood signs, vinyl designs, and custom slipcovers and pillows; while my husband cuts all wood assembles signs and makes custom tables out of slabs of wood. My daughter-in-law makes party decor for kid’s birthdays and baby showers.
  • Andrea shared: The Personalized Peacock. I love peacocks and sell personalized items.
  • Tammy shared that her business name is TNT Designs. My initials are memorable if a little overused. I wanted a name that didn’t limit what I could use it for.
  • Dianne said: Grand D Signs: My husband actually came up with the name while we were brainstorming! My first name is Dianne and I make signs and decals.
  • Ashley shared that her business name is AMR Designs.
  • Kalela told us her business name is Creative Designs by Kalela Tennille: I dropped my surname when I participated in a collaboration book project. So everything I do is Kalela Tennille. I didn’t want to limit myself on anything….so I just added Creative Designs. I recently added brooches (handmade pins) head wraps, and jewelry to my creative design list.
  • Christina shared: G&C Craftique; my son’s names are Gabe and Christian (Gabe’s the oldest) and I do multiple crafts so called it a Craftique like a boutique.
  • Sandy shared that she is still looking for a name: I’m still looking for a vinyl business name, however my basic biz name is Wildflower Sewing, which a former boyfriend named, and when I had my brick and mortar store, with fabrics and my hand crafted soaps and candles, the store was Wildflower Sewing & Scents. My name, bestowed by a soapmaking GF, is Ms Wildflower.
  • Arleen told us her business name is: Inspired Designs For All. I specialize in custom embroidery and do screen printing and vinyl items but I didn’t want to limit just personal items because I do company branding, too.
  • Hedy said: Doodle Perfect. I have two adorable Goldendoodles and have many friends with doodles too. We are all a little obsessed with our doodles so I created a logo using my doodles’ faces for inspiration and recently launched an Etsy store for doodle themed apparel.
  • Amy told us: Fresh Coast Vinyl, although we’re just getting started so don’t even have sites up and running yet! We’re in Michigan, so surrounded by water but no saltwater! Fresh Coast!
  • Michelle said: Ours is Cooper Creative Concepts. Cooper for our last name, Creative Concepts for the various things we do. My husband makes beeswax candles. I started out repurposing things, which has now expanded to vinyl designs, wood signs, and Perfectly Posh products.
  • Christina shared that her name is Soaring Turtle Creations. I have a tattoo of a turtle with wings that I got after my brother died. When I started my business I knew that I wanted to incorporate that and have a turtle with wings as my logo. So the Soaring Turtle came to be.
  • Gabriela said: My business name is Dual Creations, we chose that name because thats the two first letters from my daughter’s names Dulce and Alondra. Also, because it means two my husband and I.
  • Cyndie shared that her business name is the Travelin’ Shed. My husband and I sold our house a year ago and bought a toy hauler so we can travel, and the garage was my work area.
  • Gena said: Chasing Wildflowers. Not sure how it came to me (maybe in a dream?) but I loved the idea behind. I chose this because I envision a girl running through a field of flowers in total bliss. I feel it captures the idea of always chasing after your dreams and goals.
  • Dawn shared: Kaly G Designs. K is for my daughter Kirsten. Aly is one of my twin’s nicknames. And G is for my other twin, Gaby. I have three girls. We started out making jewelry as a way to spend some family time together. I don’t really do jewelry anymore. I am trying to gear the business more towards wedding decorations and life events. I also make other things like cups.
  • Jeannie said: Shenanigans & Doodads. My husband is always calling things shenanigans and I call everything that I can’t remember the name for a doodad. Also, it doesn’t limit me in what I can make and sell.
  • Mary shared: Sunset Studio by Mary. I got Sunset from my Dad. When he returned from WWII he married my mom and took her to Sunset, Missouri to meet his mother. He wasn’t raised by her and had just reconnected with her prior to enlisting. When they returned he opened a dry cleaner business and he called it Sunset Cleaners. I also use orange as my main color, Sunsets are orange and was my mom’s favorite color. Long story but I wanted to incorporate it, as well as, a name that didn’t limit what I did. It was originally just Sunset Studio until I realized there was a recording studio with the same name.
  • Joani shared: Gramm Cracker Designs. My husbands last name is Gramm, and when I got pregnant with our first daughter I always referred to her as my little graham cracker for no real reason. Now we have two girls and the nickname stuck for both so I changed graham to Gramm to match our name and created my business name out of it. It really worked out because my girls inspire me daily and it helps having that reminder when running a business.
  • Amy told us: I was a teacher (love, love, loved it) and was hit by a drunk driver on my way to work one morning. Long story, but can no longer teach. I yelled at my husband, “So what now? I’m going to be a kept woman?” He replied, “No, you’ll be beautifully kept.” My business name is Beautifully Kept Designs.
  • Norma said: Petite Design Co. My husband and I dabble in lots of different crafts but we tend to come up with our own designs whether it’s titanium rings (our first business long ago), quilts, kids clothes, home remodeling, woodworking etc. I needed a name that would encompass it all for when we switch focuses.
  • Shalah shared: I was showing my husband something I made and he said “That’s incredible, Baby! It’s pretty crafty!” and I was like “so it’s pretty…incraftable?” — so inCRAFTable I am!
  • Karen shared: Seaver Brook ran behind the house I grew up in. I learned to ice skate along the brook and it flows under the only bridge in town. Seaver Brook Designs is an homage to my hometown.
  • Theresa told us: Black Crow Digital…. I love crows and ravens….I feed them everyday; love hearing stories how after they get to know you, they may leave you little gifts in thanks (shiny things, bottle caps, etc).
  • Susan said: I took a poll of the few names I had in mind. Two Cats Too I liked but nobody else did. I even tried 2cats2, no go. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked cat haters. It also wasn’t descriptive so I came up with Asprika Custom Designs. My cats are Aspen and Paprika, put them together. It’s very long so I also use just Asprika or Asprika Designs.
  • Sherry told us: JA-LE’S Boutique. JA is for my grandson Justice and LE is for granddaughter Lena.
  • Shaunna shared her business name is: Maddy & Momo. Named after my daughters. They are the complete inspiration for everything I do!
  • Barbara told us: For years, as I headed to my craft room, I would tell family members, “I’ll be Silhouetting!” So naturally, Silhouetting had become the term for what I do. When my business of teaching others how to use their Silhouette machines was coming to fruition and I was brainstorming names, the term “Silhouetting” just needed to be part of it… Let’s Go Silhouetting was born.
  • Keoryn said: Cariboo Decor is my business name. We live in the Cariboo region and I didn’t want to be limited buy a name that contain vinyl or stitches or crochet. I thought just the word decor would be a broad enough word but still get across that I do home designs. Also, since we live in the Cariboo region so I thought it would connect me to the local population.
  • Randi shared: My twin sister and I co-own Leigh + Cole. Her middle name is Leigh and my middle name is Nicole. I created a baby bodysuit decorating station for her baby shower a couple years ago and it was such a huge hit that we decided to open an Etsy shop to sell the kits.
  • Garianne said: When I moved to New Mexico the first time, 18 years ago, I felt in love with it. The Land of Enchantment. I could only stay a year and we had to move. The only place, I cried leaving. Moved back four years ago and the feeling never left. Opened my business, Enchantment Crafts and have loved every day.
  • Tera shared: Lovely Milestones. My slogan is “Small Pieces Make a Large Picture” With my background as a nurse, my daughter required additional needs with variety of therapists, and seeing my friends and family overcoming challenges though help of others, I felt this name is fitting for who I am. My shop specializes in personalizing items for variety of professions/job titles who help people in a small or big way.
  • Jen told us: I wanted something catchy that would elude to what I make but maybe leave you needing to know more… and I was SUPER excited after I got my heat press. My business is name is Pressed to Express.
  • Metta shared: My name is Metta… Mettatations is the perfect play on my name & other words!
  • Kimberly told us: twoHearts embroidery. My logo is two hearts joined by the cross, symbolizing my husband and I being joined through Christ.
  • Roberta said: Paper love and party! (in Portuguese papel amor e festa!) I mostly work with papercraft for parties so that was easy for me. The name started from love because I started my business doing my son’s parties and I was a graphic designer so that was a way to keep my creative mind at work when I was at home after I had him. So time passes by and my friends start to ask for my stuff… I got a Cameo 3 after three years of making all by hand and then I made a business.
  • Carey shared: Shabby Road. I concentrate on rustic wood signs and home decor in a little shop at my house in the country. I am also a huge Beatles fan. (Abbey Road is one of their top albums). That inspired my business name.
  • Elizabeth shared: Mine is named Dude and Doodle. It originated from my kids’ nicknames and the logo was in their favorite colors, red and blue. I’ve kept it to keep myself grounded in “my why” and avoid getting to sucked in farther than I mean to go. I’m not ready to build an empire. I just want to show Dude and Doodle that moms can do and be many things.

Want to add your story to the list? Leave a comment below and let me know how you named your craft business. I’m happy to add it to the list and give your small business a shout out.


Tuesday 31st of May 2022

My business name is 'Sun Charms by jane' I mostly make purse and car Charms, but also some larger sun catchers and wind chimes. They all sparkle in the sun, and I hope people are charmed by them! My name is in lower case letters after e.e.cummings my favorite poet!

Christine, Cutting for Business

Friday 24th of June 2022

Love it!

Shannon Pigeon

Wednesday 16th of March 2022

Our last name is Pigeon and when we redid our kitchen many years ago, we called it Birdsnest Cafe. It stuck and now we are all things Birdsnest. LOL 🪺I make wedding florals, so it’s Birdsnest Bridal Faux Florals. 🪺I have a completely separate creative (mostly sewing) line, so it’s dubbed Birdsnest Productions. 🪺Hubby designs leather holsters, etc, so he is Birdsnest Leatherworks.

Christine, Cutting for Business

Friday 24th of June 2022

Love this!

Dona Antonelli

Saturday 29th of May 2021

My business name is Desert Dreams Design Studio. I have always wanted to live in the southwest and so "Desert Dreams". I am a graphic artist by career, an artist of many mediums by avocation and a designer /maker of jewelry using recycled materials like aluminum cans , plastic bottles and more as my second profession. Thus my name fits all needs as well as future hopes.

Christine, Cutting for Business

Monday 31st of May 2021

Love your story!


Wednesday 26th of February 2020

I've been sewing for more than 50 years and searched high and low for a business name that was unique and catchy. It also needed to have an available domain to sell my line of doll clothing, yet give me the freedom to expand into other sewing areas. That's how "Hems of Praise" was born!

Christine, Cutting for Business

Monday 2nd of March 2020

I love it!


Sunday 10th of February 2019

So, I have been reading a lot on how to name your business. After thinking about how people came up with their creative name I came up with BellEve Creations or Craftique or Crafts & More. We adopted our two dogs, Bella and Eevee from a rescue and U started making things for their monthly auctions to raise money. Figured I would try to make a little spending money with my Silhouette and Curio.

Christine, Cutting for Business

Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Awesome! Best of luck!