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8 Tips for Naming Your Craft Business

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Ready to start your craft business? Congrats! I think there is no bigger decision you’ll have to make than choosing the *perfect* name.

In this article, I’m sharing tip for naming your craft business. Then, I’m sharing some information on how to have a productive brainstorming session and come up with potential names.

8 Tips for Naming Your Craft Business - A good read for Silhouette and Cricut crafters - by

Tips for Naming Your Craft Business

Research Your Business Name

You can’t have the same name as another business. When you decide on a few names you like, chances are that some of the names you come up with are already taken.

Try to Stand Out

Look up your competitors online, and steer clear of using a name too similar to existing shops. For example, there are a lot of shops with the word “Sew” in them, Sew Cute, Sew Unique, Sew Fun, while you may love a variation of these – you don’t want your shop confused with another!

Don’t Be Unique with the Spelling

While “Karol’s Kreations” looks beautiful written out, it’s harder for customers to remember and even harder for customers to find using a search engine, like Google. You should go for clear and straightforward – not creative or clever.

Be Mindful of the Numbers of Characters in Your Name

A Cutting for Business reader pointed out a tip I overlooked (Thanks, Chantal!): Be mindful of the length of your name. Most social media networks have a limit to the number of characters you can use in your name. And, shorter is always better.

For example: I am @cuttingforbusiness on Facebook, @cuttingforbusiness on Instagram, but am @cuttingbusiness on Pinterest because my name was too many characters.

Choose a Name You’ll Be Happy with for Years to Come

While it is not impossible to change your name later, it is time consuming and can be confusing to customers.

Make Sure Your Name Can Grow with Your Business

In other words, don’t make your name too limiting. For example, if you only make personalized wooden signs right now, the name “Jennifer’s Wooden Signs” might be perfect for you. However, it makes it difficult to market other products in the future.

Envision Your Name Before Finalizing It

After you think of a name, think about what kind of logo could you put with it. What about a tag line or slogan and brand colors?

Check for Accidental Meanings

Write out the possible domain name (your website address) on a piece of paper and look at it. Does it accidentally spell something you didn’t intend? Is it too long for customers to remember or too hard to spell?

Make Sure Your Name Doesn’t Include Any Trademarked Words

‘Sweet Onesies’ sounds like a great name, but did you know that Gerber owns the trademark on the word “onesie”? To check for trademark conflicts, visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

How Did Other Business Owners Name Their Businesses?

I asked Cutting for Business readers how they came up with names for their businesses. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry. But, it’s definitely worth a read.

How to Brainstorm for Craft Business Names

Now, it’s time to do a little brainstorming. I recommend getting out a piece of paper and writing down as many potential names or naming ideas that you can think of.

Not sure where to start? Jot down your kid’s names, your nickname, your street name, your favorite colors, favorite products to make, favorite supplies to use, favorite animals and so on. Just start writing and keep writing the entire time. Try to keep your pen or pencil moving for two or three minutes straight.

When you complete your list, look over the list and start pairing elements together to form names. Cross off names or words you don’t like. For example, I’d pretty quickly cross ‘turquoise’ off my list below because it is hard to spell.

Example Brainstorming Session

As an example, let’s pretend I came up with this list after brainstorming:

Tee shirts
Digital designs
Jewel tones
Old fashioned
Muted colors
Hard work
Personalized gifts
Solid colors
Light blue

These are all things I like, things that are important to me, and products I make. I can now start crossing off elements I don’t like and pairing words together that I do like to form names.

Example Names to Consider

Aqua Digital Designs
Old Fashioned Gift Store
Bold Water Designs

I’d aim for 5 to 10 potential business names from any brainstorming session.

Still stumped for a name? Get your family and friends involved! If you are active on social media, ask your friends for their suggestions. If you choose a name that a friend or family member suggests, thank them with a small gift.

*All business names listed in this article are fictitious. In the event that any name is the same of a business in use, it was purely coincidental.

yolanda marie woods

Tuesday 21st of September 2021

how work own my bussiness cards .... i need one ,,, how work on website set up cost me .>>>>????

Christine, Cutting for Business

Wednesday 22nd of September 2021


Here is information on business cards:

Here is information on websites:

Tonicia Yvette

Friday 5th of June 2020

this was such a helpful post. I am currently looking for a name for my business now. thanks for the tips.

Christine, Cutting for Business

Wednesday 24th of June 2020

Awesome! Good to hear!