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What is the xTool F1 Ultra Portable Laser?

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If you’ve been wanting a portable, tabletop laser (perfect for taking to craft fairs and shows) – xTool just released the F1 Ultra Laser. And, it could be the answer to your crafty dreams.

What is the xTool F1 Ultra Portable Laser? -

What Type of Laser is the F1 Ultra?

The xTool F1 Ultra contains two different lasers: a 20 watt fiber laser and a 20 watt diode laser. The fiber laser handles metal engraving, while the diode laser handles everything else – including rock, acrylic, leather, and more.

Is it Really Portable? How Big is the xTool F1 Ultra?

Yes, the xTool F1 Ultra really is portable. It measures 10 inches x 14 inches x 19 inches. The xTool F1 Ultra weighs just over 32 pounds.

What Materials Will the xTool F1 Ultra Engrave or Cut?

The xTool F1 Ultra can engrave stainless steel, aluminum, brass, silver, plastic, titanium, gold, wood, acrylic, leather, glass, rock, paper, rubber, food, and more.

Additionally, the xTool F1 Ultra can cut up to .4mm brass, .3mm stainless steel, .2mm aluminum, 12mm acrylic, and 15mm wood.

How Large is the Engraving/Cutting Area on the xTool F1 Ultra?

The engraving/cutting area on the xTool F1 Ultra is 8.66″ by 8.66″. Compared to competitors, this is up to 115% larger.

What is the Difference Between the xTool F1 and the F1 Ultra?

The xTool F1 Ultra is a much anticipated upgrade over the xTool F1 machine. xTool provides this handy chart of differences:

xTool F1 Ultra vs xTool F1 - Chart via

What Accessories Does the xTool F1 Ultra Have?

The xTool F1 Ultra works with several accessories, including:

Does the xTool F1 Ultra Require Internet or a Computer?

If you are wondering about the logistics of taking the xTool F1 Ultra to your next craft show, you do not have to have internet or a computer to run it. Instead, you can store up to 7GB of project files on the touchscreen control panel. This control panel then allows you to control the xTool F1 Ultra without a computer or internet.

xTool F1 Ultra Touchscreen Control Panel -

How Much Does the xTool F1 Ultra Cost?

Ready to order your own xTool F1 Ultra? The xTool F1 Ultra retails for $4799, but is currently available for $3,999 as a special prelaunch deal – limited to the first 1000 orders. Also, xTool offers several financing options.

Project Sneak Peek

Next week, I’ll have plenty of xTool F1 Ultra projects to share with you. But, here’s a sneak peek of my first project. And, it took 5 seconds to engrave. Yes…. 5 seconds!

Necklace inside xTool F1 Ultra Laser Engraver -

Pssst! 06/10/10 is my wedding anniversary. ❤️

Engraved necklace using xTool F1 Ultra Laser Engraver -

Tutorial: Engraving on the xTool F1 Ultra

Ready to see how engraving works? View the tutorial.

Tutorial: Batching Processing on the xTool F1 Ultra

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