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Free 4th of July SVG – Stars & Stripes

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Happy Fourth of July! Whether you are out of town enjoying the long weekend or heading back home to get ready to get your week started, I just wanted to pop in and give you a free 4th of July SVG – Stars and Stripes.

While I was creating this design, I started Googling information about the actual color of the American flag. Through Wikipedia (I know, it’s not always the most reliable source!) I did learn that the US Embassy once released ‘official colors’ of the American flag. A savvy web designer translated the colors to the following color codes: Old Glory Red: RGB 191, 10, 48 = BF0A30, Old Glory Blue:RGB 0, 40, 104 = 002868, and White: RGB 255, 255, 255 is FFFFFF. Definitely good information to know! Read more about crafting with the US flag.

Back to the free SVG. The font I used in the design, Dahlia Darling, can be found here.

And, this SVG design includes commercial use. Read the license.

Free 4th of July SVG - Stars & Stripes -

Michel Espey

Wednesday 4th of July 2018

I love your designs. Thanks.


Monday 24th of September 2018

Happy to share!