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30+ Camping Sayings for Crafters

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Planning on camping this summer? Great! I’ve post together a list of camping sayings for crafters. You can use them with your Silhouette, Cricut, or Glowforge to make t-shirts, wood signs, cards, and more.

Oh! Fun fact: Did you know that the word s’mores is not trademarked? There are a few dozen or so trademarks that contain the word ‘s’more’ or ‘s’mores’ – but it by itself is not trademarked. I actually think that it would be hard to get a trademark for s’mores approved since it has become a commonly used word.

30+ Free Camping Sayings for Crafters -

30+ Camping Sayings for Crafters

The best days are spent camping
Camping Life/Camp Life
Happy Camper/Happy Campers/Happy Glamping
Glamping is life
Life is s’more fun camping/at camp
Starry skies & fireflies
Camping hair don’t care/RV Hair don’t care/Summer camp hair don’t care
Camping is my therapy
Explore the outdoors
It’s all good in the woods
Camping is my happy place
Firefly/lightning bug lover
Life is better around the bonfire/fire
Home is where we park it/set up camp
I just want to smell like a campfire
Gone camping
Let’s sleep under the stars
Summer camp squad/crew
Relax, you’re camping
What happens in the tent (or camper/campsite/at the lake/at the beach/at the river) stays in the tent (or camper/campsite/at the lake/at the beach/at the river)
Camp more, worry less
Always take the scenic route
Weekend forecast: Camping & Drinking (or: Tents and Camp Fires, or any combo of two camping words)
Not here for a long time, here for a good time
Hitching for an adventure
Welcome to our campsite
That sweet moment when you hitch and go
Camper sweet camper/Tent sweet tent/RV sweet RV
My hotel has more than 5 stars
Camping burns off the crazy
Home is where we camp
Official s’mores tester/taster
Go where the Wifi is weak

Potential Trademark Infringements

As always, before selling products with these sayings – or any other – head to TESS to check for potential trademark infringements!

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