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50+ Easter Sayings for Crafters

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Are you working on Easter crafts with your Silhouette or Cricut? Today, I’m giving you some inspiration with a list of Easter sayings for crafters to keep you (or get you started!) going.

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50+ Easter Sayings for Crafters - Silhouette and Cricut (Explore, Maker, Joy, Portrait, Cameo, Curio) -

Easter Sayings for Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Crafters

Happy Easter
Hoppy Easter
Happy Easter Y’all
Bunny Love
The Easter Bunny has arrived
A bright and happy Easter
My first Easter
Some bunny loves me
Pretty little bunny
Bunny Crossing/Bunny X-ing
Freshly hatched (Perfect for a newborn)
He is/has Risen
He died for me, I live for him.
We believe in the Easter bunny
Silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus
Hippity Hoppity
Hippity Hoppity, Easter is on its way!
Follow the bunny, he has chocolate
Easter Blessings
The brown ones are not jelly beans. Love, The Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny, stop here.
Gone hunting (Image of Easter eggs)
The hunt is on (Image of Easter eggs)
Little Foo Foo (Picture of bunny)
Miss/Mister Hip Hop
Little Miss Cotton Tail
Egg-specting (Great for pregnancy announcement!)
Hatching in (month) (Great for pregnancy announcement!)
Ready to hatch! (For the already pregnant)
Forget the eggs, I’m just here for the chicks
Egg hunt champion
Expert egg hunter
EGG-spert hunter
First time hunter
This girl/boy can hunt
Egg-cited for Easter
Chicks rule, bunnies drool
Chicks dig me
Be EGG-cellent to each other
Show me the bunny
Hand over the eggs and no one gets hurt
It’s Easter, let’s go to church
He died so I could be saved
Jesus, best gift ever
Bite me (Image of chocolate Easter bunny with bite out of it)
I feel hollow inside (Image of chocolate Easter bunny)
Hunny Bunny
Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Everything!
Keep Calm and (egg a chocolate bunny) (hunt eggs) (dye eggs)
Some bunny/chick loves wine (or beer!)
No bunny loves wine (or beer!) like this chick!

Why is there nothing related to Peeps? Most Cutting for Business readers are crafters with small businesses that sell products. Peeps is a registered trademark of the Just Born Candy Company. They actively pursue trademark violations and every year sellers get their listings removed for violation. Read about Peeps trademarks.

50+ Easter Sayings for DIY and Crafters - Great for Silhouette or Cricut Crafting (Portrait, Cameo, Curio, Mint, Explore, Maker, Joy) - by


Tuesday 15th of March 2016

First, I would like to thank you for all of the continued helpful advice you share. I had a question regarding peeps? You mentioned it was trademarked. I had checked the phrase "chillin with my peeops" in TESS and nothing came up. Also, there is a peeps free file from another website that just asks for credit if using. Is there another place small business owners like me (that are just getting started) need to look for items such as this. I want to be sure I am not doing anything that I shouldn't be doing, Does this apply if we are just making them for gifts and not collecting any monies for it?


Tuesday 15th of March 2016

Hi! The issue is using the word "Peeps" in your product. It is trademarked to Just Born. (Search: 3933234 on TESS). I believe that they also go after those using the design with supporting evidence of (3805453) and (3866306) along with a few others. You are still violating the trademark by giving a gift, but you are likely to not get caught. Hope that helps! Christine