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Can You Legally Sell Peeps Products in Your Craft Business? Are Peeps Trademarked?

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With Easter right around the corner, I thought it was a good time to talk about Peeps. You know, those marshmallow candies that come in pastel colors and bunny or chick shapes? Specifically, are Peeps trademarked?

If you’ve been around Cutting for Business for a while, you can probably guess how this post is going to go. But, let’s take a look at crafting handmade Peeps products.

Can You Legally Sell Peeps Products in Your Craft Business - Trademarks -

Are Peeps Trademarked?

Yes, Peeps are trademarked. Peeps is a registered trademark of Just Born, Inc., the company that created and manufactures Marshmallow Peeps.

What Do the Peeps Trademarks Cover?

Just Born, Inc. has multiple trademark registrations that cover not only the name Peeps, but the design of the candy, stuffed plushes, tee shirts, cards, and more.

Can You Legally Make & Sell Peeps Craft Products?

No, you cannot. You would be in violation of current trademark laws, unless you reach out to Just Born, Inc. for permission to use their intellectual property. If you do receive permission, be sure to get the permission or license in writing.

How Can You Get a License to Sell Peeps Products?

Peeps licensing is handled through Brand Activation Consulting. The first step in getting a license to sell Peeps products would be to contact them.

What Else Should I Know About the Peeps Trademark?

You cannot use the word ‘Peeps’ in your titles, descriptions, tags, product designs, or anything else without permission from Just Born, Inc. Additionally, creating products that don’t name Peeps, but look like them would also be a violation.

Just Born, Inc. is active in pursuing trademark infringers. In the past, they sued everyone from small businesses to large greeting card companies.

What About Peeps SVG Cut Files Bought Online?

Just because a seller is selling a Peeps SVG cut file with a commercial use license, doesn’t mean that they have permission to sell the file or ability to give you commercial use rights to the design. Read more in this post about why buying a commercial use cut file doesn’t guarantee you commercial use rights.

Where Can I Find More About Peeps Trademarks?

You can find out more about Peeps trademarks from this search on Justia.

My best advice: Be trademark violation free this Easter season and say NO to Peeps related products.