Silhouette Studio Business Edition – What is it? How much does it cost?

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Silhouette Studio is the name of the software design program that most crafters use to create designs with their Silhouette Cameos or Portraits. Silhouette Studio is available in three versions: Basic, Designer, and Business. The Basic version is free, while the Designer Edition and Business Editions are available as upgrades. The internet and social media are full of tips, tricks, and tutorials for both the Basic and Designer Editions, but there is nearly zero documentation on the Business Edition. I have had the Business Edition since shortly after it launched in October of 2014. This week, I will spend several posts detailing the Silhouette Studio Business Edition.

A comparison of the three versions, provided by Silhouette America:

Silhouette Studio Business Edition - What is it? - by

A few features of the Silhouette Business Edition that are not mentioned in the comparison chart include: a matrix feature which allows you to create multiple copies of the same design with variable data (example: names), a job repeat function which allows you to cut the same job multiple times without interruption, and the ability to open AI, EDS, and CDR file formats.

The Costs and How to Get Each Edition

  • Basic Edition: Free, Included with all new machines on a CD. If your computer does not have a CD drive, you can download it directly from Silhouette America.
  • Designer Edition: $49.99 when purchased through Silhouette America as either a physical download card mailed to you, or a digital license code sent via email. generally has the Designer Edition as cheap as you will find it online. Buy it directly from Amazon – pricing changes daily, but it is generally around $26.
  • Business Edition: First, it is important to note that Business Edition is meant as an add-on to the Designer Edition. If you already have the Designer Edition, you only need to buy the upgrade from Silhouette America (available as a digital download) for $49.99. If you do not have the Designer Edition, you have a few options: 1) Purchase the Business Edition from Silhouette America for $99.99 or 2) first purchase the Designer Edition from Amazon for $26(ish) dollars, then purchase the Business Edition upgrade from Silhouette America for $49.99. The second method saves you around $24, and makes the Business Edition around $75. You can also find the Business Edition from a few online sellers for between $75 to $84 at the time this article was published.

If you choose to purchase the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition from, I will make a small commission based on my recommendation. This does not cost you anything additional, and helps keep the content of Cutting for Business free. Let’s continue on to look at each of the Business Edition features in depth.

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Silhouette Studio Business Edition - What is it? (Silhouette Cameo and Cricut Crafters) - by

8 thoughts on “Silhouette Studio Business Edition – What is it? How much does it cost?”

  1. have you learned more about the Silhouette Link? I am curious about it but can’t find much information on their website on how to set it up or how much it costs etc.

    1. Hi Sara! Silhouette Link is free and is just a utility to cut “wirelessly” from the mobile app. You can download it from the Silhouette website. Many readers (and myself) have been unimpressed with the mobile app from Silhouette. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi recently upgraded from a basic edition to a business edition. Because I need to use the print and cut version often…
    Hitherto I have been working on the basic edition and all my files are in that…
    what will happen when I export my print and cut. Will I still be able to cut as usual?
    And more importantly, will I have to give the printing place my license key? So that the business edition will run smoothly.

    Please advise

    Thank you so much

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