Silhouette Studio Business Edition – Is it worth it?

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In the last two articles, I provided an overview of the Silhouette Studio Business Edition – including the costs and I went in depth to explain each feature. But, is the Silhouette Studio Business Edition worth it?

In my opinion, Business Edition is only worth it in certain circumstances:

  • If you regularly work in Adobe or Corel and want to open AI, EPS, or CDR file formats without having to convert them using a third party tool. The other option is to purchase Silhouette Connect, which is a plugin that allows you to send files directly from Adobe or Corel to your machine. Silhouette Connect is $39.99 from Silhouette America.
  • If you want to run two or more machines on the same computer, you’ll want to purchase the Business Edition version.
  • If you regularly designs that are wider AND longer than 12″, the Business Edition tiling feature will speed up the process of cutting your designs – you won’t have to manually move the design around to cut each section.
  • If you design something and cut multiple copies of the design as customers order them, the nesting and matrix copy functions will help speed up your process. (For example, if you have a number of stock car decals for sale in your store and cut them once a customer orders them, you will find the Business Edition time saving. If the customer orders 3 of Design A, 5 of Design B, and 2 of Design C – you would use the matrix copy (and nesting if desired) to multiply each design and send it to cut. After cutting, simply close the design and move to the next, rather than having to replicate each manually.)
  • If you routinely cut intricate designs and want to automatically add weeding lines, the Business Edition might work well for you. However, you can manually add weeding lines to any design without the Business Edition.

If you’ve decided that the Business Edition would work well for you, read this article and save around $24 if you are upgrading from the Basic Edition. Do you have the Business Edition already? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Silhouette Studio Business Edition – Is it worth it?”

  1. Would you advice for a newbie (in the process of starting a business) to bite the bullet and just startoff with the business edition and consider it a sunk cost of what would you advice?

    1. Hello! If you follow through the posts to the last in the Business Edition series, you’ll see the reasons you’d need Business Edition. If any of your needs are met better with Business Edition, then buy it. Personally, I use it daily and love it. Hope that helps!

  2. If you purchsae the Business Edition, can you have it installed on more than one computer….I would like it on my desktop and my laptop but I can’t see how to do that. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello. I just came across you blog and it is fantastic. Can you tell me how many Silhouette Cameo machines you are running? I have two going now and I am thinking of adding two more. Do you know about using a USB hub and/or USB extension cords? I want to have my machines on a table next to my computer desk and the cords that come with the machines are not long enough to accommodate this. Thanks for any info you can provide. Good luck with your business.

  4. Im wanting to make silhouette creations into jpegs so I can print them as photos – Ive heard rumor that this can only be done with BE – any info/thoughts on that?

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