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5 Ways to Improve the Workflow in Your Craft Business

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We’ve talked a lot about craft shows this week. There is one thing in common that every craft show has: You have to stock up your inventory before you go. Stocking up inventory while getting out every day orders, managing accounting and social media promotions, and running your daily life can be a challenge. However, if you do a few things regularly you can make the process easier.

5 Ways to Improve the Workflow in Your Craft Business

  1. Organize your craft space so that it is efficient. I talked about this in depth and even showed you how I made my own craft space more efficient in this post. Being more efficient cuts down minutes. Wasted minutes add up and can affect your productivity. Put simply, you’ll be able to create more products when you don’t waste time.
  2. Maintain an accurate inventory. While setting up inventory can be a daunting task, it’s something you need to do. When you have an accurate inventory of every supply you have in your craft room, you don’t have to stop crafting to make a trip to the store or place an online order. I mean, having to stop crafting because you ran out of supplies puts a definite stop in your workflow. You can use a simple spreadsheet to keep track of each supply or use your accounting program if an inventory feature is offered.
  3. Keep your craft space clean and organized. If I’ve ever been guilty of giving advice that I don’t always stick to, it’s keeping my space clean. Unfortunately, there is no point in keeping an accurate inventory of your craft space if you can’t find the supplies when you need them. Have fun with your organizing: Use your Silhouette or Cricut to decorate and label your space. Need some tips from professional organizers? Jump to this post.
  4. Set a schedule. I prefer to work in time blocked days. You can read more about how I personally structure my day in this post. If time blocking doesn’t work for you, find another way to organize your days – then stick to it.
  5. Start and end with a note. When I first arrive in my craft space, I write a detailed list of everything I want to get done. I work my way through the list while I’m in my space. When I’m ready to end my day, I write the list for the next day. This saves time so that when I arrive in my space, I already know what I need to do and I can get started right away.

If you have the luxury of time when you are prepping for a craft show, you can try my sell one, stock one method as well. Read more about it in this post.

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