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9 Ways to Scale Your Craft Business

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What do you do when your business is going well, you are getting regular orders, you have happy customers, quality products, growing social media numbers, and an awesome website – but you still want more? Today I’m sharing 9 ways you can scale your Silhouette or Cricut business.

9 Ways to Scale Your Silhouette or Cricut Craft Business

  1. Get into stores. Everyone has local stores around them that carry handmade products. Head to this post to read more.
  2. Team up with businesses that need your products. If getting your products into stores isn’t up your alley, team up with other small businesses that need what you make. Off the top of my head, realtors always need gifts. Similarly, landscaping, plumbing, and similar trades always need shirts.
  3. Start doing video marketing. Have you been noticing a trend that more and more companies – both big and small – are using video marketing? Get started with these tips.
  4. Use paid advertising. If people don’t know about your business, how can they buy from you? There is paid advertising available on Google, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Figure out which platform your potential customers are most likely to use – and set up some advertising campaigns.
  5. Take on brand reps or enthusiasts. Brand reps and enthusiasts are an interesting concept because they don’t get paid in money; but instead product. Read more specifics in this post.
  6. Get features for your business. I wrote about HARO recently. It’s a great source of finding people that want to write about your business.
  7. Connect with a blogger. Bloggers provide a good method for getting products out to new potential customers. Expect to pay for the exposure they can provide. Learn more in this post.
  8. Get into a new niche. If you do work in a small niche, broaden it with a new line of products. For example, if you mainly make shirts for kids – break into the adult niche. Similarly, if you make wood signs – consider making Christmas tree ornaments.
  9. Sponsor something. Don’t just sponsor anything – sponsor something that potential customers will notice you. If you make jerseys and kid’s sports products, sponsor a local sports team.

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