What are Instagram Brand Reps or Enthusiasts?

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Brand reps (representatives) or brand enthusiasts are people that you send free products or discounted products to in exchange for them taking pictures and posting them on their Instagram account. Brand reps or enthusiasts can be highly effective in growing small businesses on Instagram because they can help the shop’s following grow organically. This post will tell you everything you need to know about using brand reps or enthusiasts on Instagram.

Getting Ready to Use Brand Reps or Enthusiasts on Instagram

  • Decide if you would like brand reps or brand enthusiasts. Brand reps are usually given products free of charge, while brand enthusiasts are generally offered a discount on products and must order regularly. You could use one type or a combination of both.
  • Write a basic contract that outlines what products they will receive, how long you will use their services, how many posts you expect the rep or enthusiast to post during that time period, and when they will post the images.
    • I’d suggest using brand reps in 3 or 6 month increments and starting over with your brand search as the term expires.
    • I suggest having a signed contract with any brand rep or enthusiast.
  • Write out requirements for brand reps or enthusiasts. Are you searching for moms or dads with babies, those with fabulous home decor, or someone trendy that loves the latest accessories? Feel free to ask for specific age or size ranges. The more specific you are when advertising the search, the better applicants you will receive.
  • Create an image that states you are looking for brand reps or brand enthusiasts.
  • Create a hashtag that incorporates your business name and “brandrep” or “brandenthusiast”. Be sure to search the hashtag on Instagram to make sure that it isn’t already in use.

How to Find Brand Reps or Enthusiasts on Instagram

  • Post your image on Instagram along with dates for your brand rep or enthusiast search. From here, you have a few different options:
    • Direct potential brand reps or enthusiasts to email you with information about them and why they want to be a brand rep or enthusiast.
    • Direct potential brand reps or enthusiasts to an application on your website.
    • (This method is generally most effective) Have potential reps or enthusiasts repost your brand search image and hashtag on their Instagram feed. Then, have them tag 2-5 pictures on their feed with your hashtag. Their tagged photos become their entries into the search. Last, have them tag friends that may be interested in your brand rep or enthusiast search.

What to Look for When Selecting Brand Reps or Enthusiasts

  • Since Instagram is highly visual, look for someone who posts great photos.
  • Look for someone who is active on Instagram (posting at least every other day) and has a large following.
  • Brand reps and enthusiasts should have public accounts rather than private accounts.

Sample Brand Rep and Enthusiast Search Post

Brand Rep Search: (Name of business) is holding a Brand Rep and Enthusiast Search! We are looking for (number of reps) and (number of enthusiasts). We are specifically looking for (criteria you are looking for). Brand Reps will receive (number of items each month), while Enthusiasts will receive a discount of (choose discount, usually between 30 and 50%) each month and are required to purchase 1 item per month. In exchange you will post clear photos that show off (name of business) products at least once per week to help promote the brand. This term will last from (dates of term). How to enter: 1) Follow us (Instagram username). 2) Repost this image with hashtag (#yourhashtag) and tell us about (you, your child, your home, your decor, etc). 3) Tag 3 photos from your feed with (#yourhashtag). 4) Tag 2 friends that may be interested in (Name of business) Brand Rep and Enthusiast Search. Search ends on (date).

Will you use brand reps or enthusiasts to help grow your business? Let me know in the comments!

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