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25 Goal Ideas for Craft Businesses

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Know that you have to set goals for your craft business, but not sure what kind of goals to set? Today, I’m sharing a list of goal ideas for craft businesses.

25 Goal Ideas for Craft Businesses -

25+ Goal Ideas for Craft Businesses

Financial Goal Ideas for Craft Businesses

  • $xx dollars in sales per week/month.
  • Reduce expenses in your craft business. You can start this by doing a spending audit.
  • Stay up to date with business accounting.
  • Make your business official with your city, state, or county. While I can’t tell you exactly how to do this – it differs in every state – view my list of where to go to start a business in your state.
  • Keep impulse buying in your business to a minimum. Read more about money wasters.
  • Pay off business debts and keep your business out of debt. Debt is no good – read how to keep your business out of debt.
  • Set up an automatic draft from your business bank account to a business savings account.

Marketing Goal Ideas for Craft Businesses

  • Post regularly to social media.
  • Create a profile on a new-to-you social media network and start using it.
  • Start using a content calendar. I’ve got more information about content calendars.
  • Network with other small business owners to promote your products together.
  • Start marketing to a new demographic. If you currently make products primarily for moms, broaden your marketing to include other sets of people.

Growth Goal Ideas for Craft Businesses

  • Get off the marketplace and start your own website.
  • Increase your customer loyalty with a loyalty program. Remember, the easiest customer to get is one you already have! Here’s my sample loyalty program.
  • Improve your branding. This could include your logo, brand colors, packaging, and so on.
  • Sign up for a business related course. One thing I commonly hear from small business owners is ‘my product pictures are bad’. Make it a goal to improve them!
  • Interact more with your customers to find out what they really want. Whether this is through social media or surveys, the best product is the one that fills a need.
  • Start something new. If you make and sell wood signs, consider hosting parties where others can make them, too. Pick up my 15 Parties ebook at this link.
  • Set up popup shops throughout the year to raise awareness about your business. When you set a goal, think of how many you could attend for the year – one a month? One per quarter? Here are ideas for popup shops.

Time Management Goal Ideas for Craft Businesses

  • Improve your work life balance by setting regular office hours and sticking to them. Read my commentary on the importance of office hours.
  • Hire help in your craft business. From social media assistance to creating and packaging, take some of the burden off of you.
  • Plan a vacation. While it may seem counterproductive, all business owners need time to escape the reality and recharge. If you haven’t gone on vacation in years – plan on it this year. Even better? Use money from craft business to fund it.

Productivity Goal Ideas for Craft Businesses

  • Set a number of products to produce each week or month. This could be digital or tangible products.
  • Switch your shop from custom made to ready to ship. Read my opinion on custom made products.
  • Purge your craft area of things you don’t need and keep it clean this year. While this may be wishful thinking, an uncluttered, organized workspace will improve your productivity. Read about my DreamBox.

Spend some time today drafting up some goals for your Silhouette or Cricut craft business. Then, head over and grab my printable goal worksheets.


Monday 6th of November 2023

Great information! Thank you!


Tuesday 21st of June 2022

This was really helpful and can't hold to implement these. Thank you so much

Christine, Cutting for Business

Friday 24th of June 2022

Great! Happy to help!

Carol McClure

Monday 13th of January 2020

This is a great list of goals. If there is a printable version, I can not find it. I am a pencil/paper kind of girl and sure would like to have a printed reminder. Thanks a bunch!

Christine, Cutting for Business

Wednesday 15th of January 2020

Sorry, there is no printable for this post.

Elizabeth Casteel

Tuesday 1st of January 2019

I loved this post. Thank you.


Tuesday 8th of January 2019

My pleasure!