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Create Room DreamBox Review & Coupon Code 2023

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Additionally, I may get commissions for purchases made through other affiliate links in this post.

If you have an unruly craft room, like I did, you are going to want to read this article on my brand new Create Room DreamBox.

Create Room recently reached out to me to see if I’d like to review their DreamBox. In exchange for an honest Create Room DreamBox review, I received a DreamBox and a half set of totes. All upgrades were bought by me. Links in this article are affiliate links. This means if you purchase this product using my discount codes, I will receive a small commission.

Today, I’ll tell you what I love about Create Room’s DreamBox – and what I don’t love.

Create Room DreamBox Review and Coupon Code -

What is a Create Room DreamBox?

Create Room is a company that manufactures and sells all-in-one craft furniture. If you’ve been around the craft industry for a while, you may know Create Room and the DreamBox by a former name – The Original ScrapBox.

My Craft Room – Before My Create Room DreamBox

When we moved into our current home four years ago, I traded my craft room with four walls and a door for a loft space that overlooks our great room. While I love the location, the loft is visible from our front door and main living space. This means that every craft room mess I made was on display for anyone that walks into our house. The loft space also meant that I could no longer walk out and close the door to hide my mess.

On one side of the loft is a table and office chairs, with a long built in cabinet we created a few years ago. The cabinet itself is two double bathroom vanities attached with a wood top. On top, my laser machines and printer sit. Inside the cabinets all of my craft supplies are neatly shoved inside. This includes 30 plastic shoebox totes to hold the smaller items.

Blue table and two leather work chairs in a craft room and office space -
Messy craft cabinet -
Messy craft cabinet, left side -
Messy craft cabinet, right side -

The other side of the loft is a school workstation that was set up in the early pandemic days. It was perfect to keep three elementary aged kids on task with online learning while I was working. However, my kids haven’t used the desk spaces in a long time.

Homework station -

So, I decided it was time to say goodbye to the desks, and hello to a new Create Room DreamBox.

My Craft Room – After the Create Room DreamBox

Create Room DreamBox - partially open -
Create Room’s DreamBox – Partially Open
Create Room DreamBox - fully open -
Create Room DreamBox – Fully Open
Create Room DreamBox - left side -
Create Room DreamBox – Left Side
Create Room DreamBox - right side -
Create Room DreamBox – Right Side
Create Room DreamBox - center -
Create Room DreamBox – Center
Create Room DreamBox - under table -
Create Room DreamBox – Under Table
Create Room DreamBox - close up -
Create Room DreamBox – Close up of the Inview totes
Create Room DreamBox - Inview tote -
Create Room DreamBox – Top view of the Inview Totes

4 Things I Didn’t Know About Create Room’s DreamBox

  1. The table can be adjusted to standing height, or sitting height. This is perfect for me, since I usually stand when using my heat press.
  2. The clear Inview totes are not rigid. Instead, they are a pliable acrylic blend. This means that they are less likely to crack pulling them in and out of the spaces.
  3. In Inview acrylic totes have removable dividers. In the smallest totes, I found these invaluable for small items that I don’t have a lot of – like scrapbooking brads.
  4. It’s heavier than I expected. Each side of the DreamBox weighs 140 pounds; while the center weighs 250 pounds. That’s a combined 530 pounds – empty!

DreamBox Styling

I styled my DreamBox in shades of green to match the colors of my blog – and, of course – money! However, the green you see in the photos is simply colored scrapbook paper that I cut with my Silhouette and slid into the front.

For me, the colored paper blocks the clutter inside the clear totes. But, you may want to be able to see inside your totes. If so, skip the scrapbook paper.

Since I can’t see into the totes, I labeled them with my embossing labeler. I love the look.

Create Room DreamBox - without styling -

Create Room DreamBox – Without the scrapbook paper
Create Room DreamBox - Embossed labels -
Labels on the Create Room DreamBox.

What I Love About My DreamBox

  1. Tons of storage. It might not look like it, but there is a ton of storage space. With 80 totes, 16 clear lidded jars, 4 metal rods, and shelves – everything has its place. In fact, I’ve even got a few empty totes to store my next craft supply shopping spree!
  2. It is customizable. You can rearrange and reconfigure your DreamBox to fit your specific needs. For example, I’ve always had an issue with properly storing my cutting mats. Despite trying to keep the protective plastic on them, they always wind up with dog hair on them. In my DreamBox, I removed a few shelves so that I can hang my mats in the door. When not in use, they stay covered and protected from hair and dust.
  3. Machines stay plugged in. I love that I don’t have to plug and unplug my Silhouette each time I want to use it. Instead, it tucks away and can stay plugged in and ready to cut whenever I need it. (Note: Either my Silhouette or Cricut machine will fit in the small cubby at the head of the table. But not both of them at the same time. Some sewing machine models should also fit in this space.)
  4. Everything is within reach. There is no more searching for my supplies. They are (literally) at my fingertips – whenever I’m ready to craft.
  5. Everything tucks away. Next time you are a guest at my house, I promise you won’t see my craft supplies. Instead, they will be put away and my DreamBox folded up. I love that I can go from mess to clean in only a few minutes.

What I Don’t Love About My DreamBox

Just like everything else, there are a few things I don’t love about my DreamBox.

  1. Chips and dings. Several of the corners have chips in the finish. While I appreciate that touch up paint was sent with my DreamBox, maybe corner protectors would help protect the corners during shipping so they wouldn’t get chipped.
  2. The wheels don’t lock. My DreamBox sits on wood flooring, which isn’t perfectly flat. Sometimes, the sides of my DreamBox want to roll open. Locking wheels or included wheel stops would fix this issue – since most homes do not have perfectly flat floors.
  3. Shipping takes a long time. My DreamBox was ordered 2/22/23 and delivered 4/6/23. Wait times are even longer for prebuilt service DreamBoxes. Be sure to keep this in mind when ordering.
  4. Lots of packaging. There is a lot of packaging material with the DreamBox – including a lot of plastic. It was a hassle to get rid of it all.

DreamBox Options and Upgrades

My DreamBox is shown with two upgrades:

  1. Full set of totes. The DreamBox comes with 40 clear Inview totes (a half set). I opted to order the full tote package – which gave me 80.
  2. Dry erase boards. The dry erase boards shown on my DreamBox have already proven to be a great way to compile thoughts – and keep my projects front and center.

PreBuilt or DIY Assembly

Create Room sells the DreamBox either assembled or as a DIY assembly. In planning for the arrival of the DreamBox, we faced two hurdles: 1) The DreamBox comes as a freight delivery, which means that the delivery company delivers it to your driveway. Specifically, it is delivered to the spot where the public street meets your private property. In my case, my house is 500 feet uphill from the road, and there is no way a semi truck is getting up our gravel driveway and turning around. 2) Once the DreamBox made it in the house, it needed to go up a flight of stairs – with two sharp turns.

Ultimately, I decided to order the DIY assembly. I’m glad I did. We were forced to unload the DreamBox on the side of the road and bring it to the house in several trips. If we didn’t have these challenges, I would have ordered it with the prebult service – just to save time.

Mr. Cutting for Business assembled the DreamBox in about 3 hours over the course of a two different days. Unfortunately, my Dreambox arrived with an incorrectly drilled shelf. After a message to Create Room’s customer service, a replacement shelf was shipped a few days later.

Create Room Discount Coupon Code

Create Room’s DreamBox is a big investment. The base price for the DreamBox is $2499. This includes the DreamBox, with a half set of totes (40). If you add in all the upgrades, the total price can easily exceed $4000.

If you are ready to order your own DreamBox, I can help you save some money with a Create Room promo code. For a limited time, I can offer you $250 off of your DreamBox with coupon code: CFBMOMSDAY, and automatic savings on several other Create Room products. (Code expiration date: 5/18/23.) After that, you can save $100 on your DreamBox with coupon code CUTTINGFORBUSINESS. And the best time to buy? Create Room seems to offer the best deals around Mother’s Day and Black Friday.

If you are interested, Create Room offers financing through Bread Pay. This would allow you to make monthly payments on your Create Room order.

Tell me in the comments: Where will you put your new DreamBox? Will it replace your current table in your crafting space? Will it go into your dining room and be folded neatly when you aren’t using it? Or, maybe it’ll go into a combination play room and craft room and the whole family will use it?

One more thing before you go: Every once in a while, I see social media posts for deeply discounted DreamBox units, usually for a few hundred dollars. These are scams. Please be sure you are shopping at the official Create Room website.