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Summer Marketing Themes & Ideas for Your Craft Business

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The first post I did like this for Spring (read it here) was a hit. Today, let’s tackle marketing themes and ideas for Summer in your craft business. Today, we will cover June, July, and August.

Marketing Themes for Summer

Use these marketing themes throughout the Summer months in your products, social media posts, and promotions.

  • Vacation/Staycation – With school out of session for most across the USA, it’s time to pack up and head out on vacation. Products themed to vacations work well. Don’t forget that not everyone has the time or budget to travel – consider ‘staycation’ themed products, too.
  • Water – Vacations and water go hand in hand. Products geared towards rivers, oceans, the beach, cruises, pools, and lakes should sell well all summer long.
  • Hot Weather – Typically, summer has the warmest temperatures of the year. Focus on flowy fabric style shirts, lightweight cottons, tanks, crops, swimsuits, cover ups, wide brimmed hats, and shorts.
  • Bright Colors – Summer is usually a time for bright and bold colors. Use pinks, reds, greens, oranges, and yellows throughout the summer.
  • Fruit – Various citrus fruits are in season throughout the summer, along with melons like watermelon. Use fun designs geared to incorporate them throughout the warmer months.
  • Family Reunions – During summer, many families take the down time to hold a reunion. Spend time marketing to those holding family reunions, since they tend to be large bulk orders with high cart totals. 
  • Grilling – Families often take the time off to grill out. Grill related products, especially around Father’s Day can be a big hit.
  • Patriotic – Summer is full of patriotic holidays. From Memorial Day to July 4th and Labor Day, patriotic themed products sell well all summer long but peak the last weeks of June.
  • Father’s Day – While Spring was geared towards Mother’s Day, soon it will be time to focus on Father’s Day. Get products up early, as women are more likely to shop ahead of time.
  • Back to School – The second half of your summer marketing should be focused on Back to School items. From name labels to decor, and first day of school shirts to classroom gear – parents everywhere will start shopping for school supplies in the second half of summer. Check to see if your state has a sales tax holiday and promote it.

Holidays and Events for Summer 2018

In addition to the well known holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Father’s Day; capitalize on lessor known days that relate to your business. Days noted with an * were found on You can visit their site to learn more about the day and find hashtags to use for a boost on social media.

  • June 1st: Doughnut Day*
  • June 3rd: Cancer Survivors Day*
  • June 4th: Hug Your Cat Day*
  • June 5th: Running Day*
  • June 13th: Sewing Machine Day*
  • June 14th: Flag Day
  • June 17th: Father’s Day
  • June 19th: Juneteenth Day
  • June 21st: First Day of Summer
  • June 22nd: Take Your Dog to Work Day*
  • June 27th: Sunglasses Day*
  • June 29th: Camera Day*
  • June 30th: Social Media Day*
  • July 7th: Chocolate Day*
  • July 18th: Hot Dog Day*
  • July 19th: Daiquiri Day*
  • July 20th: Moon Day*
  • July 21st: Junk Food Day*
  • July 25th: Thread the Needle Day*
  • July 26th: Aunt and Uncle Day*
  • July 30th: Cheesecake Day*
  • August 1st: Girl Friends Day*
  • August 2nd: Ice Cream Sandwich Day*
  • August 3rd: International Beer Day*
  • August 9th: Book Lovers Day*
  • August 10th: Lazy Day*
  • August 11th: Son and Daughter Day*
  • August 13th: International Left Handers Day*
  • August 15th: Relaxation Day*
  • August 20th: International Homeless Animals Day*
  • August 26th: Women’s Equality Day

Now, I chose the days that I think will be most beneficial to at home craft businesses. Remember, you don’t want to use all these days. Instead, choose a handful of them that work well with your products and business.

Companies to Partner with This Summer

If you are looking to partner with someone in your craft business, travel agents, pool companies, and local attractions are great places to start. Also, be on the lookout for local events like festivals and celebrations who are often looking for sponsors, volunteers, and vendors.

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