10 Handmade Products to Sell to Local Businesses

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Does it sometimes seem like the craft market is saturated? Do you feel that everyone now has their own Silhouette or Cricut machine? If you do, it might be time to go looking for customers in different places. Instead of listing products for sale on marketplaces (Etsy, Shopify) and social media (Facebook, Instagram), you can sell your products directly to fellow small business owners. Read on for my list of product ideas.

10 Handmade Products to Sell to Local Businesses

  • Thank you gifts for realtors/real estate agents: It is customary for realtors to give a thank you gift to clients upon purchasing a home. If you create floating frames or wooden signs, you may be able to sell “Welcome” or “New Home” themed signs or wall decor to your local realtors. Each time a realtor sells a home, they return to you to purchase again.
  • Cupcake and cake toppers for bakeries/cupcake stores: Consider approaching your local bakery about custom made cupcake toppers or cake toppers. If you create custom stencils with your Silhouette or Cricut, your local store may also be interested in using them in their kitchen.
  • Photo props for photographers: Photographers are often in need of signs and photo props to use during their photo shoots. Photographers will need different props depending on the season, so partnering with one could lead to steady work throughout the year.
  • Party props/decor/paper goods/favors for party planners: Like photographers, party planners need props and decor to use during events. It may be signs, paper goods, favors, or other items.
  • Themed bags for book stores/sewing stores/yarn shops: Customers of local book stores, and sewing or yarn shops often carry items like books or crafting supplies with them. A line of themed bags would work well for all three!
  • Coffee themed goods for coffee shops: Coffee lovers love their coffee themed products! I know that both of our local coffee shops have coffee tumblers, sleeves, and themed products made by crafters in their stores.
  • Decor for event rental stores: Similar to other event businesses, event rental stores may purchase handmade items to rent to their customers along with the usual offerings of tables, chairs, and tents. If you like working in the wedding niche, this may be a good opportunity for you.
  • Client gifts for travel agents: Like realtors, travel agents often send clients a small token of appreciation for using them. Custom made luggage tags or an embellished frame to display their favorite vacation photo may work well.
  • Etched vases for florists: Local florists and flower shops needs vases. You could sell embellished ones (or embellish the ones they already have) using glass etching for vinyl.
  • Uniforms for landscapers/plumbers/HVAC/electricians/plowing companies: Small companies often order locally for t-shirts and uniform needs. If the business needs a larger quantity than you can do, outsource them.

What ideas can you help me add to this list? Let me know in the comments, and I will add them in.

Wait, one more before you go: If you like working with vinyl and looking for a quick way to get ‘in’ with local businesses head to this post on hours of operation decals.

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8 thoughts on “10 Handmade Products to Sell to Local Businesses”

  1. I’m really surprised that nobody commented on this blog. This is a great idea since I believe that a lot of other businesses would probably jump at the chance to work with someone local knowing that they would be helping their communities economy. I also think they wold feel a sense of comfort knowing that if they ever have a problem or if they find themselves in a predicament & in need of something right away, they have someone to turn to. I really like the idea of talking to local realtors, I think I’m start contacting a few to see if they would be interested in welcome wreaths or welcome signs. Thanks Cristine

    1. Hi Bobbi! I think you can build a really profitable business working with local businesses. First, it eliminates a lot of competition that you may face in online sales – and you pointed out several additional perks! Best of luck with the realtors, I think a welcome wreath is a good idea – thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve been looking into contacting our local wine shop to see if they’d be interested in buying canvas wine bags, that have different sayings on them, or decorated wine glasses.

  3. I have been purchasing hard wood floor samples from Lowe’s and making the cutest wood blocks with bows and or or jute wrapped around the top and bottom leaving them space to clip or use the jute to hold their photos. If I don’t use a bow at the center top I will place paper flowers in the top left corner so they are decorative. The samples I’ve purchased are .50 cents and some .25 cents each based on size. They hold 4×6 photos. I plan on talking with a florist to see if at valentines if they would allow me to bring in a display of them and sharing the profit. I’ve been selling them at $12 a set. Do you think 20/80 is a fair amount?

    1. If you are giving the business 80% and keeping 20%, then yes. However, I’d opt for 60% to the business and keep 40% or an even 50/50. Most businesses wouldn’t bat an eye at keeping 20%, but you could try.

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