Free Shaped Printable Care Cards for Your Silhouette or Cricut Business

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I already have several sets of customer care cards on Cutting for Business. But, I decided to spice them up a bit and offer a free set of shaped printable case cards today. When you are selling handmade products to your customer, you should include instructions for caring for their purchase. Of course, feel free to use them in your Silhouette or Cricut small business.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Shirt Care Card: Perfect for apparel with heat transfer vinyl.
  • Bodysuit Care Card: Great for embellished infant bodysuits.
  • Mug Care Card: Ready to use for coffee and tea mugs.
  • Tumbler Care Card: Perfect for embellished tumblers and cups.
  • Plate Care Card: Great for reminding customers that they should not eat off of decorative plates.
  • Wine Glass Care Card: Use to let your buyer know how to care for their decorated wine glass.

Now, unlike the other care cards on the blog, you’ll need to arrange these as Print and Cut on Silhouette or Print then Cut on Cricut.

Wondering about the fonts? I used this one.

Ready to download? First, save the image below to Pinterest. Then, choose from the downloads below.

Free Shaped Printable Care Cards for Your Silhouette Portrait or Cameo or Cricut Explore or Maker Business - by

24 thoughts on “Free Shaped Printable Care Cards for Your Silhouette or Cricut Business”

    1. When I click on it, it goes to DropBox. Is there a way to get the download without going through DropBox? You are wonderful for sharing!!!!!

  1. YOU ROCK! I use my cricut for gifts and I have spent so much on equipment and materials so it just would not make sense for me to purchase a set up like a seller. Thanks so much for sharing, my family and friends will definitely appreciate it!

  2. Thank you so much. These are very cute. I am having a problem with my silhouette not seeing the registration marks. Is this normal? I did it manually also.

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