How to Easily Cut Down Vinyl Rolls

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Silhouette Cameo and Cricut business owners usually purchase vinyl in rolls rather then sheets, because it is cheaper. Unfortunately, most heat transfer vinyl sold in rolls comes wider than 12 inches. It can be time consuming to use scissors, a rotary cutter, or guillotine cutter to cut down your vinyl rolls. To save time, I usually cut down my rolls as soon as they arrive with a table saw. Yes, you read that right, I use a table saw! Here’s how:

 How to Easily Cut Down Vinyl Rolls with a Saw

Step 1) Make sure the vinyl is rolled very tightly. Using tape (I use painter’s tape), tape the roll together on both ends.

Step 2) Use a permanent marker to mark where you will cut the vinyl roll. I usually purchase 15 inch rolls and cut them down to 13 inches. 13 inches still fits on a Silhouette or Cricut mat well or feeds into a Silhouette Cameo without a mat. Tip: You could also purchase 24 inch rolls and cut them in half to make 12 inch rolls!

How to Easily Cut Down Vinyl Rolls - Great for Silhouette Cameo or Cricut owners - by

Step 3) Cut the vinyl roll down. I use a table saw, but you could also use a circular saw. If you aren’t comfortable with power tools, you could probably use a hacksaw (depending on the thickness of the roll).

How to Easily Cut Down Vinyl Rolls - Great for Silhouette Cameo or Cricut owners - by

After cutting:

How to Easily Cut Down Vinyl Rolls - Great for Silhouette Cameo or Cricut owners - by

That’s it – it’s just that easy to save time in your Silhouette or Cricut business.

Let me know in the comments – how do you buy vinyl: rolls or sheets?

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How to Easily Cut Down Vinyl Rolls - Great for Silhouette Cameo or Cricut owners - by


18 thoughts on “How to Easily Cut Down Vinyl Rolls”

  1. This is genius and you are brilliant. I havent started my business yet (ordering my machine tomorrow) but this tip is great. I really appreciate this website and your lessons.

    1. Oh awesome! I’m so glad that this will help you! I wasn’t sure if Cutting for Business readers were going to think I was crazy when I mentioned a table saw! 🙂

  2. this is an awesome idea, I even own a table saw! Why do you usually purchase 15″ rolls – is that a typical size where you shop?

    BTW, I took your advice and shopped at the place you recommended. Can’t wait to cut some fun vinyl!

  3. Depending on what we are making, I have cut the 5 yard by 15″ rolls into pieces 12″ by 15″ and then depending on the design, either let the excess hand off the 12″ mat, or used a 24″ mat.
    I suggest wrapping the roll with blue tape at the cut, the saw does not care, and the cut seems just a squeak neater. Might just be the OCD talking though.
    I have used a band saw to cut the roll. It works great and the blade width is very narrow.
    (and you did not even know you needed a bandsaw!)
    I had wondered what was the largest width the Cameo would accept, now I know.
    Thank you for the information.

  4. I always cut my rolls into 12″ strips so I end up with 12″ x 15″ or 12″ x 20″ sheets. My penny pinching side couldn’t bear to waste the ends like this! But, I am not using a huge volume of vinyl like you do.

    1. Yes, turning your vinyl sideways and cutting pieces off is the best way to do it. However, when you cut straight from the roll (using the roll feeder) you can’t do that. Thanks for popping in with a comment!

  5. Fairly new to shirt making. It’s really only a hobby for friends and family. However, my son needed a bunch of shirts for his softball team, so I bought some rolls. Didn’t realize they don’t fit until I got them. Talk about hot dogs and hot dog buns. Sure would be nice if the vinyl manufacturers would align with the machine. No worries, a quick google brought me back to your site (I have used it for tips and tricks recently, so thank you). Anyhow, you saved me once again. I own a table saw and this worked like a charm! You know your stuff. Thank you for all your help!

  6. I have been using the 24″ x 10′ rolls for the past 3 years, for my cameo’s, then cut in half with a fine tooth blade on band saw, works great.
    Buying rolls 24×10′ saves a ton of money

  7. I personally find this BRILLIANT!! I have a friend who asked me to put 8″ racing stripes on his car and since I get rolls in 12″ X 6′ I needed a way to cut down the extra 4 inches. This is so smart. Thank you for making my project so much easier.

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