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Introducing: Creative Fabrica for Fonts

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I’m a font-a-holic and a font snob who appreciates a well constructed font – and am always on the hunt for more fonts. Today, I’m thrilled to have Roemie Hillenaar back on the blog to tell you about Little Big Crafter’s latest launch Creative Fabrica. You can read Roemie’s first post on Little Big Crafter here. Welcome, Roemie:

Hello again Cutting for Business readers! Today, I’m thrilled to share Creative Fabrica with you! Creative Fabrica is a subscription service that provides you with unlimited access to an ever growing library of fonts. At this point the library includes over 330 fonts and around 60 fonts are scheduled to be added in the next 30 days alone! In this article, I will explain how Creative Fabrica works and the benefits for professional crafters and sellers. At the end of the post you will find a special promotion for Cutting for Business readers.

What and for who is Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica is best described as Netflix for Fonts. For a small monthly fee you get unlimited access to a huge library of fonts which you can use for your personal or business projects. You can use the fonts for creating work that you sell on Etsy for example. It’s the perfect option for business owners and fontaholics that want to get instant access to more fonts for a lower price (Seriously, you will never want to purchase a font bundle ever again!).

So what does unlimited access mean?

Unlimited access means that while you have a subscription you can access, download and install all fonts on your computer. For $19 per month you can access and use the fonts to create commercial work that you can sell forever (for example via Etsy, markets, your own website, to friends, etc).

Can I still use the fonts when I stop my subscription?

After you end your subscription you will be able to sell the work you created while you had an active subscription.
For example: in June, July & August you had an active subscription and in these months you created 30 digital designs that you sell and print on physical items. If you stop your subscription, you can keep selling these items you created, with no time or replication limitation. You can keep the fonts installed and even open the project files and make small modifications to the design. However, you are not allowed to create new work with these fonts unless you re-activate your subscription.

How do I keep track of the fonts I installed?

We provide you with a clear overview in your account of the fonts you downloaded as part of your subscription. This way, you always know which fonts you have installed via Creative Fabrica.

I never really worked with fonts and would like to try it out first.

Creative Fabrica also offers the option of a personal license for $9 per month. This personal license also gives instant access to all fonts in the font library, the only difference is that you are not allowed to create work that you sell.
This is great if you are just getting started and want to test the waters of working with fonts. Once you are ready to start selling you can easily upgrade your subscription to a commercial license and all the work you created under your personal license can then be sold commercially.

So, if I sign up, will I be stuck for a long time?

No! You can cancel your subscription at any time and billing will stop immediately (but trust us, you are not going to want to cancel if you see how many new fonts we keep adding).

20% Lifetime discount for Cutting for Business Readers

If you signup to Creative Fabrica within the next 30 days, you will receive a 20% lifetime discount on the monthly fee. Click to visit Creative Fabrica and use the code CFB20 at checkout to activate your discount.
Thanks so much to Roemie for stopping over to introduce us to this (awesome!) new font service.
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Introducing: Creative Fabrica for Fonts - A Font Subscription Service for Etsy Shop Owners, Silhouette Cameo, Curio, Mint, and Cricut users - by

sharon prince

Monday 12th of December 2016

I signed up over the weekend for creativefabrica with Paypal. I am trying to download a file, but it keeps wanting to charge me when i check out. All I see is Sign Up not Log In. It doesn't recognize that I have paid.


Tuesday 13th of December 2016

You would have to email Creativa Fabrica for assistance. This isn't something I can help you with.

Anne Raymon

Wednesday 15th of June 2016

It looked like a great deal but I couldn't figure out how to pay. It looked like you could only pay through Stripe which is something I've never heard of.


Wednesday 15th of June 2016

Hi Anne! Stripe is a widely used payment processor. It's entirely safe and you've probably paid through Stripe before and not known it. Here is a link to learn more: