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5 Reasons to Love Creative Fabrica

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Are you a Creative Fabrica fan? Creative Fabrica is one of my favorite marketplaces to use for fonts, SVG designs, patterns, and more.

If you are not a Creative Fabrica fan, I think you’ll be one after reading this article.

5 Reasons to Love Creative Fabrica -

What is Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica is an online marketplace for fonts, SVG files, graphics, embroidery files, and more.

Is Creative Fabrica Legit?

Yes, Creative Fabrica is legit. Here on Cutting for Business, I’ve partnered with Creative Fabrica several times since Roemie Hillenaar launched the site in 2016. Roemie has guest posted on Cutting for Business in the past, and it has been fun to watch him grow his marketplace into one of the best online marketplaces for crafters.

5 Reasons to Love Creative Fabrica

200,000+ Free Digital Products

Let’s be honest, everyone loves free stuff. Creative Fabrica currently offers over 200,000+ free digital products.

The free digital products are spread out across several categories, including free fonts, free SVGs, free graphics, free embroidery files, and free classes. And, the selection of free products changes weekly.

Check out free stuff on Creative Fabrica.

CF Spark

In 2022, Creative Fabrica launched an AI tool called CF Spark. CF Spark is free and allows you to create your own AI content. Using CF Spark, you can create seamless patterns, sketches, text, cut files, and more.

I’ve written about CF Spark in detail. This article on CF Spark shows you the ins and outs of creating with AI, along with a lot of examples. After you read it, head to CF Spark.

Subscription Based

Digital products can get expensive if you buy them one by one. However, with Creative Fabrica’s subscription based model, you get everything included for one monthly price. Currently, all access pricing is $29 per month. However, they frequently run promotions.

Of course, if subscriptions aren’t for you, you can purchase products one at a time.

Commercial Use Included

For crafters with small businesses, all digital products on Creative Fabrica include a commercial use license.

Remember, without a commercial use license, you cannot sell products from files you buy. Get a refresher on licenses in this article.

You Can Open Your Own Shop on Creative Fabrica

If you create digital products, you can open a shop on Creative Fabrica and sell your products.

Creative Fabrica allows you to set your own prices, has no exclusivity requirement, and has an easy to use system for cashing out your earnings.

For more information on opening your own Creative Fabrica shop, head to this page on their website.

Tell me in the comments: Do you love Creative Fabrica, too?

sharon prince

Monday 12th of December 2016

I signed up over the weekend for creativefabrica with Paypal. I am trying to download a file, but it keeps wanting to charge me when i check out. All I see is Sign Up not Log In. It doesn't recognize that I have paid.


Tuesday 13th of December 2016

You would have to email Creativa Fabrica for assistance. This isn't something I can help you with.

Anne Raymon

Wednesday 15th of June 2016

It looked like a great deal but I couldn't figure out how to pay. It looked like you could only pay through Stripe which is something I've never heard of.


Wednesday 15th of June 2016

Hi Anne! Stripe is a widely used payment processor. It's entirely safe and you've probably paid through Stripe before and not known it. Here is a link to learn more: