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Everything You Need to Know About CF Spark

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In the last article, I gave you some ideas on how to use Dall-E 2 in your craft business.

Now that you’ve got your head wrapped around how Dall-E 2 works, I wanted to show you around CF Spark.

Everything You Need to Know About CF Spark - AI Text to Image Generator -

What is CF Spark?

Our friends over at Creative Fabrica have put together their own AI text-to-image generators. There are seven different aspects of CF Spark: 1) CF Spark Art, 2) CF Spark Patterns, 3) CF Spark Crystalline, 4) CF Spark Sketch, 5) CF Spark ImageMix, 6) CF Spark Prompt Builder, and 7) CF Spark Writer.

I’ll show you around each of them, and provide some examples for using each.

CF Spark Art

CF Spark Art is going to be most similar to Dall-E 2 – and is built partially on the Dall-E 2 API. Similarly to Dall-E 2, you enter descriptive text to create an image. However, you can change the ratio to fit your project needs. Here are a few examples of CF Spark Art results.


Craft supplies on a table, in bright colors.


Screenshot of CF Spark Art - craft supplies -


An Italian villa, color yellow with blue window boxes, with pink overflowing flowers, colored pencil, on a skinny street.


Screenshot of CF Spark Art - Italian villa -

CF Spark Patterns

CF Spark Patterns creates seamless tile, repeating patterns. These are perfect for products like clothing with a repeating patterns and printing your own scrapbook paper or vinyl. Let’s take a look at a few examples.


Light teal background with cartoon fish.


Screenshot of CF Spark Patterns - cartoon fish -


Muted monstera leaf pattern, green leaves, pale pink background.


Screenshot of CF Spark Patterns - monstera leaves -

CF Spark Crystalline

CF Spark Crystalline creates transparent background images – perfect for using as cut files or clip art.

In CF Spark Crystalline, you can choose which model you want to use. The help bubble to the right side of the models shares insight to each model. Origin 2D V1 produces realistic images, while Origin 2D V2 produces cartoony clipart. The 3D V1 model produces 3 dimensional realistic images, while 3D V2 produces “dreamy” images. Finally, the 007 V1 model creates flat, simplistic images while the 007 V2 model creates flat, detailed images.


Mandala, detailed, coloring page, floral inspired, black and white (Used Model 007 V2.)


Screenshot of CF Spark Crystalline - mandalas -


Pine tree clipart, line art, tall, single tree. (Used Model 007 V1.)


Screenshot of CF Spark Crystalline - trees -

CF Spark Sketch

CF Spark Sketch produces line style drawings. I could imagine using this style of sketches on greeting cards, decals, or logos. Let’s take a look at some examples.


Barn in the country on a hill.


Screenshot of CF Spark Sketch - old barn -


Portrait of a cat face. Line art. Detailed.


Screenshot of CF Spark Sketch - cat portrait -

CF Spark ImageMix

CF Spark Imagemix works based on altering an existing image. You upload the image, and the generator gets to work.

Uploaded Image

I uploaded a previous image from CF Spark Art. With CF Spark ImageMix, you don’t enter a prompt. Instead, you let the generator… do its thing! In this example, CF Spark ImageMix provided 12 variations of the image I uploaded.

Screenshot of CF Spark Art - Yellow villa with flowers -


Screenshot of CF Spark ImageMix - Italian villas -
Screenshot of CF Spark ImageMix - Italian villas -

CF Spark Prompt Builder

One aspect of CF Spark that I really like is the prompt builder. This section of CF Spark allows you to choose different categories to help you generate more detailed prompts.

In this example, you first enter the prompt (I entered cheeseburger). Then you click through various categories and can add additional prompts. My final prompt is: cheeseburger + sticker + colorful + Chemiluminescence.

Screenshot of CF Spark Prompt Builder -

My final generated images are:

Screenshot of CF Spark Prompt Builder - cheeseburgers -

CF Spark Writer

If you’ve checked out ChatGPT, CF Spark Writer works the same way.

The interface of CF Spark Writer is broken into various text areas. I like the design, as it helps strike up ideas in my mind to use the tool.

Some of the suggestions Creative Fabrica offers to use CF Spark Writer include:

  • Etsy store names
  • Product listing titles
  • Greeting cards
  • Excuse writer (my personal favorite!)
  • Blog writing tools
  • Facebook ad writing
  • Email writing
  • Book writing
  • Start up ideas
  • …and more.

Here’s a quick example:

Screenshot of CF Spark Prompt Writer - Excuse Writing Tool -

Honestly, the excuses all work for me. I’ll copy and paste them to Mr. Cutting for Business right away.

CF Spark Community

The last aspect of CF Spark is the community feed. The community feed allows users to see what other users are creating. For me, it serves as inspiration, but I’ve also learned a lot from it.

Screenshot of CF Spark Community -

When you drag your mouse over an image in the CF Spark Community feed, you can see the prompt that the user used to create the image.

Screenshot of CF Spark Community - With prompt shown -

Of course, if you don’t have to share your prompts. This article details how to hide your prompts from the Community Feed.

How Much Does CF Spark Cost?

CF Spark is entirely free and you can create as many images as you’d like.

However, using it as a free user can be slow. If you want to speed it up, you can upgrade to a paid subscription for $9 a month – which includes 1,000 speed credits.

Additionally, paid users can sell their images in the marketplace.

What About Copyrights and AI?

I’ve talked about copyrights for AI generated content in my article about Dall-E 2, but it is worth repeating.

On March 16, 2023, the US Copyright Office released a new policy that you should read. In short, the policy states that AI generated works are not eligible for copyright.

Now, it is your turn to tell me all your thoughts on AI image generation. Leave your comments below about CF Spark.


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Wednesday 26th of July 2023

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