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30+ Anti Valentine’s Day Sayings for Crafters

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Valentine’s Day is one of those funny holidays: A lot of products market to those with a Valentine. However, there’s a whole lot of singles without Valentines out there; and a whole lot of people who celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day’ on February 13th. Don’t forget them when you are creating Valentine related products. To get you started, I’m giving you some anti-Valentine’s Sayings to use in your Silhouette or Cricut business this year.

30+ Anti Valentine’s Day Sayings for Crafters

Cupid rhymes with stupid
Love stinks… let’s drink!
Forget love, I’d rather fall into chocolate (wine/beer/tacos)
Happy Singles Awareness Day
Beer is my Valentine
B is for Boyfriend. Best Friend.
Why fall in love when you can fall asleep?
Team No Valentine
Love bites
Property of no one
Love disappoints. Tacos don’t.
V is for Vodka, Not Valentine
Stupid Cupid
Roses are red, blah blah blah – WINE.
R is for Romance. Rum.
Single and loving it
Yep, still single
Valentine Schmalentine
Single and not available
Love is in the air – try not to breathe
Drunk in Love
No boys allowed
Not today Cupid
Single and fabulous
Love conquers nothing.
February 14th – Just another day
No Boyfriend (Girlfriend), No Problem or No Husband (Wife), No Problem
Cupid makes me cringe
Not your Valentine.
In love with my self.
Be Mine. Wine.
Broken Heart Club

Of course, you should always, always, always look up all sayings in the TESS database before using them on products for sale. Need a tutorial to do this? Head to this post.

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30+ Anti Valentine's Day Sayings for Silhouette Portrait or Cameo and Cricut Explore, Maker, or Joy Crafters - by