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How to Create a Stop Motion Video for Your Craft Business

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I’m sure you know that videos are a great way to advertise your craft business. In fact, one source states that in 2022, videos accounted for 82% of the global internet traffic.

I recently shared a review of my Create Room DreamBox. Since the article posted, I’ve gotten a few emails about how I created the stop motion video.

I created the DreamBox video using a technique called Stop Motion.

How to Make a Stop Motion Video -

What is a Stop Motion Video?

A stop motion video is actually created using an animation technique. Stop motion videos are made by moving an object, then photographing the object, then moving the object, then photographing the object, and so on.

When you string all the frames together and play them quickly, it looks like the object(s) is moving.

Stop motion videos work the same way that flip books work.

DreamBox Stop Motion Video

How I Created the DreamBox Stop Motion Video

  1. I placed my phone on a tripod.
  2. I walked to my DreamBox and slightly opened it.
  3. I used my Apple Watch to remotely snap a photo.
  4. I walked to my DreamBox and opened it a little more.
  5. I snapped another photo.
  6. I walked to my DreamBox and opened it even more.
  7. I took another photo.
  8. I walked to my DreamBox and opened it all the way.
  9. I took yet another photo.
  10. I continued this process until I had opened my DreamBox, put some supplies on the table, cut a design from vinyl, put the supplies away, and closed the DreamBox.
  11. Between each step, I photographed.

My DreamBox stop motion video consisted of 76 still photos.

Stop Motion Studio Pro App

After taking the photos, you’ll upload them to your favorite stop motion video app and the app will compile the photos into a video.

The process using the app is straightforward: Upload your photos, choose a video playback speed, add music, save the video. The app I used is called Stop Motion Studio Pro.

4 Tips for Creating Stop Motion Videos

  1. Have a plan for your video.
  2. You must use a tripod to keep your camera still while taking photographs.
  3. A remote shutter is a great way to make sure that your camera doesn’t move while photographing.
  4. Experiment with different video playback speeds to see which one looks best.

Stop Motion Video Ideas for Crafters

Vinyl Crafters: Weed something intricate in a video. I would cut the vinyl and tape it to your table or desk. Weed one piece at a time and take a photo after each piece is removed. An overhead tripod would be perfect.

Paper Crafters: Assemble a paper craft in a video. After you add each paper piece or embellishment, take a photo.

Shipping: It would be easy to make a stop motion video of your packages “walking” out the door or down your driveaway.

Tell me in the comments: Have you ever made a stop motion video?


Monday 29th of February 2016

I can't wait to try this! Thank you!


Monday 29th of February 2016

Awesome! I can't wait to see what you create! Christine