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30+ Graduation Sayings for Crafters

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Need sayings for graduation? The sayings below are perfect for everything from kindergarten to college graduation.

30+ Graduation Sayings for Crafters

And so the adventure begins
Adventure awaits
Class of 20xx
Graduate 20XX
Grad 20XX
Graduation Y’all
Senior Class of 20XX
Senior Life 20XX
Proud 20XX Graduate
Official (Grade) Graduate
Straight Outta (Grade)
Does this cap and gown make me look like a graduate?
The/My tassel was worth the hassle
Proud Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa/Aunt/Uncle/Brother/Sister of a 20XX Graduate
Graduate/Graduation Squad
Hats off to the grad!
Future class of 20XX
See you later educators
Miss/Mister Kinder/1st/2nd/and so on Grad/Graduate
Peace Out (Grade)
(Number) Grade Grad (Example: 4th Grade Grad)
Hotter by one degree
In omnia paratus (Latin for ‘prepared for anything/ready for anything)
The best is yet to come
Bye elementary, Hello Middle/Bye Middle, Hello High School/Bye High School, Hello College
Bye, bye (Grade)
Nice hat!
I’m done! 20XX
I did it
We’re outta here
It’s been fun but glad I’m done
Bless this graduating mess
Thanks, Mom/Dad

Remember, you should still check the TESS database for trademark conflicts before using these phrases on products for sale.

Before you go, let’s go back to that Dr. Seuss post on the blog. Dr. Seuss quotes and sayings often pop up around graduation time, but you can’t use them on products you sell. Want to learn more? Click here.

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