3 Ways to Deal with Customers Who Say You Are Too Expensive

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You’ve probably had a customer or two tell you that your prices are too high or that you are too expensive. If you haven’t already – you will. For a Silhouette or Cricut small business owner, this can make you feel sad or stressed.

First, I want you to know that your prices do not have to be the lowest. I wrote a post with this exact message a few months back. You can read it at this link. But, let’s look today at how to deal with customers who think you are too expensive.

3 Ways to Deal with Customers Who Say You Are Too Expensive

  1. Offer an alternative. If you’ve got a customer who has reached out to you but is hesitant to place an order due to cost, offer them an alternate product. First, find out what their budget is. Then, see if you can create a similar product within their budget.
    1. Example: If your customer loves your $100 24 inch by 24 inch painted wood sign, offer to make one for half the size. Obviously, this won’t work for all products.
    2. Example: If your customer is interested in an ombre glitter dipped tumbler but can’t afford $50, offer to make a similar, solid colored personalized tumbler for less. In this case, the product would be simpler, but isn’t nearly as time consuming so you could go down on price.
  2. Ask why, then back up the why. Ask you customer what makes them think that your prices are expensive. Likely, they will answer that they’ve seen it elsewhere for cheaper. Tell them why you price your items as you do.
    1. Here’s an example conversation: Customer: Your prices are too high for your glitter tumblers. You: Hello! Thanks for your interest in our glitter tumblers. What makes you say they are expensive? Customer: I’ve seen them on Etsy for cheaper. You: We can’t speak for other sellers, but we use authentic Yeti tumblers to make our glitter tumblers. Customer: Oh, I didn’t realize that. Thank you! I will place my order now. In this case, your customer didn’t realize you were using a name brand product. Giving additional information made you close the deal.
  3. Thank the customer for their interest and move on. You don’t have to do anything, nor do you have to justify your prices. Know that this customer isn’t your customer. Simply thank them for reaching out and let them know you are available if they need something in the future.

Remember, the last thing you want to do with your customer is get defensive or offended. Need more customer service tips? Head to this section of the blog.

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