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The Down Low on WYSIWYG Website Builders

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Continuing on from yesterday’s post, WYSIWYG – which stands for “What You See Is What You Get” or Drag and Drop – Builders are those created which allow the average, non-technical person to create a website. Companies featuring these types of websites include,,,,, and more.

First, some pros about these services:

  • Some offer free websites, but they often make their money by ads on your site. Some sites offer upgraded plans to remove the branding.
  • Some include domains in their package pricing.
  • Anyone can create them.
  • Many offer free templates.
  • Low learning curve compared to other solutions.
  • Support is available.

Now, the cons:

  • Usually, the more features you need, the more you pay. Ultimately, this high price can be much more than other solutions.
  • Your website is likely to look similar to others built with the same builder or template.
  • Websites built with WYSIWYG builders generally cannot be moved to other providers as your needs grow or change.
  • You are generally limited to the features offered and cannot extend the functionality of your website.
  • If you set up your domain through the WYSIWYG provider, they may own your domain.
  • Your DIY website may turn out looking very DIY.

My thoughts: WYSIWYG builders have come a long way since they started. If you are interested in building your own site quickly, they are one option. If you want more creative freedom and the ability to work with a web designer, a WYSIWYG editor may not be the best option.

Stay with me for the rest of the week as we continue the discussion of starting a website for your Silhouette Cameo business. If you aren’t quite sure about anything in this post, be sure to read yesterday’s post on Beginner’s Web Lingo and see the schedule for the rest of the week. Continue on to read about ecommerce platforms.

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