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The SBA and Your Craft Business

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Since Cutting for Business began earlier in the year, I’ve had many readers email or message me asking if I could point them to specific procedures for registering their business or incorporating a business in their state or county. Unfortunately, state and county procedures and laws vary greatly, as do the procedures for small businesses. One of my favorite resources is the SBA or U.S. Small Business Administration. Founded in the 1950’s, the purpose of the SBA is to offer loans, counseling sessions, and other assistance to small business owners. The SBA website is packed full of helpful information for starting a business – including free video courses – and the SBA has Small Business Development Centers, Veteran’s Business Outreach Centers, and Women’s Business Centers through the US and US territories. The staff at the SBA Centers provide free and confidential business planning, startup assistance, and financial grant information. I urge you to get in contact with your local SBA for state or region specific information.

Links to help you find your local SBA Center/Resources:

Have you visited your local SBA Center?

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The SBA and Your Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Small Business - by