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What is Etsy Plus?

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Over the summer, Etsy has made a few changes. First, they’ve slowly rolled out a new service called Etsy Plus. Etsy Plus is the first step in their new pricing format which will be subscription based and tiered. Etsy Standard (what you’ve always been used to), and Etsy Plus are now available. In 2019, Etsy Premium will launch.

Now, I’ve noticed some questions and concerns about Etsy Plus from craft business owners. Today, let’s look at what it is… and isn’t!

FAQ: Etsy Plus

What is Etsy Plus?

  • Etsy Plus is an optional subscription plan that gives you credits and extra features. You are not required to subscribe to Etsy Plus to have an Etsy shop.

What is Included with Etsy Plus?

  • Etsy Plus subscribers receive:
    • 15 free Etsy listings per month (savings of $3 per month).
    • $5 per month in free promoted listings (savings of $5 per month).
    • Discounts on a web domain through Hover. Personally, I’ve been telling you to do this for years. Here’s a link to a blog post tutorial on how to do it – without the need for Etsy Plus.
    • Advanced customization abilities within your shop:
      • Linking banners. You will be able to link your banner to a specific product of section of your shop.
      • Ability to choose from a banner, carousel, or multiple product photos on the front page of your shop.
      • A new featured area.
    • Restock Requests – I love this feature! Basically, when someone visits a listing that is out of stock in your shop, they can sign up to receive a notification when you restock it.
    • Shipping box discounts for USA, Canada, European Union, and the United Kingdom.
    • 30% discount with for business cards and other promotional materials.

How Much Does Etsy Plus Cost?

  • Now through December 31st, 2018, Etsy Plus costs $10 per month. After that, Etsy Plus will cost $20 per month.

Is Etsy Plus Worth It?

This will be a personal decision for each craft business owner. My favorite feature is the restock requests, but I do like the advanced customizations, too. I don’t see much value in the other offerings unless you order often from, or can’t find good pricing for boxes on your own. The domain through Hover isn’t a feature that makes me bat an eye. Personally, I like the $10 per month price point, but think that $20 is high without more additional features. Since Etsy Premium isn’t yet available, we will have to see what other features it offers.

Want to read more about Etsy Plus? Here’s the official link.

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