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Free SVG ‘Love is in the Air’ Valentine’s Cut File

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I’m excited to share this SVG Valentine’s Day cut file with Cutting for Business readers today. However, I’m going to preface this post with: this project didn’t turn out how I planned. Why am I sharing a “less than perfect” project? In the world of perfect Pinterest projects and bloggers who never fail to share the latest and greatest creations, it’s a nice reminder that not everything you do will turn out perfect.

My plan was to use Silhouette’s chipboard to create a wreath centerpiece. When the chipboard arrived, I found it to be really thin. I cut the design three times and glued them together, then painted, and sprayed with a sealant. Despite using three cuts, the design is still floppy and isn’t staying in my wreath well. I’ll have to go back to the drawing board with this one! I think the design would look great in vinyl, on a shirt, or even on a foiled Valentine’s Day card if anyone has a Minc!

This file includes commercial use, but the digital file may not be sold or uploaded elsewhere. If you are curious about the font – it is Nightly Poem.

Bonus challenge: Sharing an imperfect project or a silly mistake you made with your social media followers is a great way to remind your customers that you are human. Plus, people like to laugh. I challenge you to share a mistake today!  

Mehhh, it just didn’t turn out too well.
Free SVG 'Love is in the Air' Cut File for Silhouette or Cricut - Valentine's Day - Portrait, Cameo, Curio, Mint, Explore, Maker, Joy - by


Saturday 16th of April 2022

I received a Cricut from my Dad for my birthday. I was so excited to make my first T-shirt!!! I placed my intricate vinyl cutout on the T-shirt and used the Cricut Heat Press to adhere the vinyl. It looked great or so I thought. I held out my first masterpiece only to discover that I had the design on upside down. Ugh! I was devastated. Now I only wear this T-shirt to bed. Lesson learned from this big mistake. 😂

Christine, Cutting for Business

Friday 29th of April 2022

That's ok, we all have to start somewhere!

John in Philly

Monday 18th of January 2016

Sharing a mistake? In my case it is which mistake. And the more you do, and the more things you try, the more mistakes. Even when I think I have made every mistake possible, I reach deep inside myself and find I am capable of more complicated mistakes than I ever imagined. (deep soulful sigh)

OK then. I start the Cameo on a largish complicated cut and I shove off for a cup of coffee. I hear the machine stop and head back only to find out that when I set the blade depth, I skipped the part where you put the blade back into the machine. An addendum to this mistake is putting the blade back but skipping the part where you lock the blade into place.

We don't have a Minc, but I bought some of the metallic foils (on sale!) and tried the trick of laser printing my design and then running the design through the laminator. It worked almost perfectly and looked awesome!

Thanks for the Valentine's Day SVG file.


Monday 18th of January 2016

Hey John! Long time no comment! I love your comment and it it oh-so-true! Sadly, I've forgotten to put my blade back in a few times, too! It is my multitasking self that gets too busy! So, I have a laser printer, I have a laminator (it's a hot or cold one), and I have metallic foil. Do I just print it off, apply the foil, and run it through the laminator? If so, which setting (hot/cold) do I use? That might save me a bit on a Minc. Always happy to share a file! Christine