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Silhouette Studio Design Tutorial: Fall Spiral SVG

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Design with Me is a new regular feature on Cutting for Business! Each Friday, I’ll bring you a new Silhouette Studio tutorial featuring how to design an SVG.

Today, let’s look at creating a fall spiral SVG.

Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Fall Spiral SVG -

About Design with Me Tutorials

Design with Me Tutorials are created with intermediate Silhouette Studio users in mind. It’s helpful to know the basics of designing in Silhouette Studio before starting the tutorials.

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There’s a great quote in the book The Great Gatsby about Fall. Since The Great Gatsby entered the public domain in 2020, I can safely use quotes from the book without fear of copyright infringement. Today, I’m turning a quote from the book into a fall cut file. Let’s look at it.

Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Fall Spiral SVG

  1. Start by downloading this single line spiral I created. Then, open it in Silhouette Studio.
Silhouette Studio screenshot -

2. Type out a string of fall related words or a fall quote. For example: Fall, autumn, hayrides, flannel, pumpkins, and so on. In this tutorial, I’m using the quote, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” from The Great Gatsby.

Silhouette Studio screenshot -

3. Double click the text to make the round handle appear. Drag the round handle to the spiral. Now, this can be finicky in Silhouette Studio. My best advice is to zoom in. When zoomed in, you’ll have better control over the text and where it lands. When you are happy with the text on the spiral, click outside the text box.

Silhouette Studio screenshot -

4. Right click on the text and select ‘Convert to Path’.

Silhouette Studio screenshot -

5. You’ll notice that the spiral line turns from gray to red after converting it to a path. Click on the spiral line and delete it.

Silhouette Studio screenshot -

6. Now, depending on your quote, it may land with the beginning upside down like mine did. Click the text and rotate it using the green circle.

Silhouette Studio screenshot -

7. Finish your design off with a dingbat in the middle. In this tutorial, a fall leaf from the Fall Feels font worked perfectly!

Silhouette Studio screenshot -

Add some color and your design is finished.

Silhouette Studio screenshot -
Fall Spiral SVG Silhouette Design Tutorial -

Don’t Forget to Save!

To save your new SVG creation, head to ‘File’, ‘Save As’, ‘Save to Hard Drive’, name the file, then select ‘SVG’ from the dropdown menu.

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