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What is the Trademark Official Gazette?

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Ever wonder how crafters and other small businesses find out about newly registered trademarks? It actually really easy: Each Tuesday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office sends out the Trademark Official Gazette.

What is Included in the Trademark Gazette?

  • Trademarks published for opposition. These are trademarks that are in the process of trademarking. Trademarks that are open for opposition can be opposed if you feel that there is a reason that the trademark should not be granted. You (or preferably your legal team) can start the process of opposing a trademark at this link.
  • Newly registered trademarks.
  • Trademarks where registration has been canceled.

You can find the USPTO Trademark Official Gazette at this link.

Personally, I think that the business market is having a trademark crisis. Each day, new trademarks are registered for common phrases that have been used for decades. I don’t have a solution, because it isn’t illegal to register trademarks – but it is certainly becoming a nuisance for small business crafters. Read more about trademarks on Cutting for Business by clicking here.

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What is the Trademark Official Gazette? Why you should read it, and where to oppose a trademark registration. Perfect for Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Explore crafters. By