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6 Tips for Adding Gift Wrapping Services in Your Craft Business

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With the holiday shopping season starting just weeks away, we should take a quick look at gift wrapping services in your online listings. I highly recommend offering gift wrapping of your listings for sale in time for the holiday season. For one, it is an easy way to increase your average order total. Additionally, here’s a few tips I wanted to share with you:

My Favorite Gift Wrapping Tips for Craft Businesses

  1. Create a variation (Etsy sellers). One your most popular listings consider creating a variation for your gift wrap services rather than an add on option in a separate listing. For example, if you are selling a small wooden sign you would create a variation called ‘Gift Wrapping’ with two options: ‘No’ or ‘Yes’. The price for the ‘No’ option is the regular price of the product, while the cost of the ‘Yes’ option is the product price plus the gift wrap. For someone who is new to Etsy, they will not know to look in your shop for add ons. Etsy has finally added a built in gift wrap feature! Read more about it here.
  2. Consider using gift wrapping as a promotion. If it won’t take too much or your time, gift wrapping services make for great promotions. Simply advertise ‘Free Gift Wrapping with Purchases of More than $XX.’
  3. Price to sell. It’s entirely up to you how much you will charge for gift wrapping services. For basic small packages, anything from free to $1 and up is acceptable. For larger items, $10 or more may be appropriate.
  4. Share pictures. Show pictures of what your gift wrapped products look like either on your website or social media. This can help those on the fence about gift wrap decide.
  5. Consider offering cards. You don’t send a present without a card, so consider offering cards with a personal message, too!
  6. Make sure the gift wrap complements your branding. While it isn’t necessary to have your name or logo on the gift wrapping; it’s a nice touch to have the gift wrap match the overall feel of your brand.

Now, get out there and add gift wrapping to your listings before the holiday rush.

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