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What is TalkShopLive™?

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I’ve gotten several reader questions about a new selling platform called TalkShopLive™. Today, let’s sort out this new service.

What is TalkShop™ Live?

TalkShopLive™ is a selling platform that launched in March 2018. It boasts itself as the first of it’s kind, “…live streaming, social buying and selling platform for anyone, anywhere.”

In easier to understand terms: Think of TalkShopLive™ as your own Home Shopping Network or QVC show. You do live shows and promote your products to viewers in up to a 15 minute show. People watching can interact with you during the show using a chat box.

TalkShopLive™ Cost

TalkShopLive™ is free to use, you only pay when you sell an item. The fee is 10.25% plus $0.30. This fee is built into the retail cost of the product.

Facebook Live or YouTube vs. TalkShopLive™

If you are thinking that TalkShopLive™ sounds a lot like Facebook Live, you are right. The biggest difference is that TalkShopLive™ gives you a one click button for customers to order then and there – with just a click. In contrast, for Facebook Live or YouTube, you have to direct viewers where to go to purchase the product. Also, your TalkShopLive™ shows can be accessed in one easy to view page called your channel profile.

TalkShopLive™ Beta

TalkShopLive™ is currently still in the beta testing phase. If you aren’t familiar, beta testing means that the service was just released. Some features may not work correctly and access to the site may go down as they are sorting out details.

See TalkShopLive™ in Action

I’ve taken the time to start exploring the TalkShopLive™ platform, but Mandy from Sparkleberry Ink uses it frequently. Check out her channel profile to view her shows or shop the Sparkleberry Ink website.

I’m excited for this new service and think that everyone from a shop owner selling their own products to a instructor selling kits or supplies can use it. It’s definitely one that I will keep my eye on. Before you go live for the first time, read these tips.

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