Use Silhouette Studio to Create Home Decor and Jewelry with Sublimation

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A few months back, I shared a beginner’s series on sublimation. In some cases, I think that sublimation is a better choice than vinyl. For example: When you use sublimation on coffee mugs, the design becomes permanent and won’t wash off – unlike vinyl. (Learn how to do sublimation on mugs here.) Today, I’m sharing a few quick sublimation products that Unisub sent over to me. If you aren’t familiar with Unisub, they are a manufacturer of hard goods for sublimation. Their product line is extensive and includes: wood and metal photo blanks, jewelry blanks, clipboards, tags, puzzles, serving trays, and much more. Unisub doesn’t sell to the public, but you can find distributors at this link.

Quick and Easy Bracelets with Sublimation

I used a Unisub Standard Cuff Bracelet (Unisub Product Number 4636) to create a cuff bracelet. I first designed the image in Silhouette Studio, printed it on my sublimation transfer paper, then used a heat press to transfer the design.

After transferring the image, I used an EZ Bender Tool (Unisub Product Number 4656) to bend the bracelet into a curve.

Use Silhouette Studio to Create Home Decor and Jewelry with Sublimation - by

Wooden Sign Home Decor Without the Mess of Paint

I created a Christmas home decor sign using Unisub ChromaLuxe Natural Wood Print (Unisub Product Number 5882). After designing the image in Silhouette Studio, again, I just printed it onto sublimation transfer paper and applied it with my heat press. (If you missed this cut file on the blog last week, download it here.)

Use Silhouette Studio to Create Home Decor and Jewelry with Sublimation - by

Tween Friendly Clock with Sublimation

We’ve recently been making over Emily’s room as she is headed towards tweendom! I used Unisub Silver Wall Clock (Unisub Product Number 5823) to create a clock. Again, I designed the image in Silhouette Studio. Pick up wall clocks at this link.

Use Silhouette Studio to Create Home Decor and Jewelry with Sublimation - by

Metal Memo Board with Sublimation

Using Unisub ChromaLuxe Gloss White Metal Print (Unisub Product Number 5882), I was able to easily create a metal memo board to finish out the decor in Emily’s updated room. Looking for metal blanks? Grab them at this link.

Use Silhouette Studio to Create Home Decor and Jewelry with Sublimation - by
Use Silhouette Studio to Create Home Decor and Jewelry with Sublimation - by

This post highlights some of the products that you can quickly make using Silhouette Studio, a sublimation printer, Unisub blanks, and your heat press.

Ready to give it a try? Unisub has provided a goodie box (with a retail value of over $200!) full of sublimation products for me to give to a Cutting for Business reader. Enter for your chance to win:

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Use Silhouette Studio to Create Home Decor and Jewelry with Sublimation - by

51 thoughts on “Use Silhouette Studio to Create Home Decor and Jewelry with Sublimation”

  1. My son is getting married. How about some ideas for shower or wedding favors that are sublimated? I’m kind of emotionally involved in this process as my father used to have a home business and he did sublimation. sigh.

  2. Stephanie Matushoneck

    I am new to this, but I really want to do sublimation so I can add my products to my Etsy shop as well as make more things for craft shows. Love this blog! It has helped me so much!!!
    Thank you!

  3. I’d like to start my Christmas gifts! This seems like it would be a great addition to my craft stash! Also….it may inspire me to actually get out my new Cameo, which is still in the box..

  4. I have been interested in sublimation for a while now. I have wanted to do shirts and mugs. Thank you for a well written, informative article that shows so many more possibilities!

  5. Hi! Thanks so much for the post and tutorial. I’m trying to find where to buy the blank cuffs but the distributor links all have the sublimation paper but not the actual cuffs. I tried the unisub website but that was a dead end as well. Do we have to be an actual wholesaler to take advantage of this?

    1. Hi Melanie! As I stated in the post, Unisub does not sell direct. So, you have two choices: 1) Follow the link to I gave to the distributors (I double checked – link works fine), and browse for a distributor that sells the bracelets. 2) I also gave you the product number. Type it into Google and purchase from one of the distributors. (Link:

  6. I am dying to get into sublimation! I love doing vinyl, but would love to take my business another step forward. I’d love to do jewelry, and photo gifts.

  7. The more you write about sublimation, the more intrigued I get. I like that the designs appear more permanent that vinyl and I am interested in creating decor or clothing.

  8. Thank you for this opportunity! I’d love to learn more of how to use sublimation for tee shirts, mugs, infant pacifiers,etc. I just finished up “vinyl’ing” a set of pacifiers with vinyl,used a little heat to help “set” the Oracal 651 vinyl,but I’m not impressed as it looks just as if I had thrown stickers onto it and I’m sure they won’t last longer than 2 handwashes probably. 🙁 I need sublimation in my life and in my projects but never knew it was possible without thousands of dollars worth of new equipment and supplies! I am definitely going to hop over and look at your other posts about sublimation that I’ve missed. Thank you!

  9. Jeannie,

    At my wedding, we actually used a double sided ornament with a picture of myself and my fiancee on the front with a cute sunflower border and a verse on the back with the same border for a favor to give to all our wedding guests. With a red ribbon it was so cute and everyone loved it! Now we see them on all our family’s and friend’s Christmas trees! Hopefully that helps. There are so many things you can do at a wedding, signs, nameplates on the tables. Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with your son!


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