Small Business Saturday: $10 Craft Business Workbook Set

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Today, I’m taking the kids to start our holiday shopping at a local vendor’s market. Then, we will be having lunch at our favorite local coffee cafe. Finally, we are stopping by the mom and pop butcher for some steaks to cook at home for dinner. These are places we normally frequent, but I want to show them some extra love on Small Business Saturday.

I want to support your small business, or soon-to-be small business, too. Get my popular craft business workbook set for only $10, regularly $40, with coupon code SMALLBIZ at checkout. Deal ends today 11/27/21, 11:59pm.


Small Business Saturday -

2 thoughts on “Small Business Saturday: $10 Craft Business Workbook Set”

  1. And here I am just seeing your email due to being at a craft show and doing a live sale all weekend, then packing orders for customers.

    Hopefully some time in the near future you’ll run this package on sale again as it appears something I could benefit from.

    As a small business I’m promoting products on black friday right through cyber Monday. My customers have access to my business email and that is the only one I pay attention to until all my customers are served

    Sure hope you’ll consider running this special again when we small business owners have time to check it out and make a purchase. Thx

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