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Silhouette Studio Version 4 + Cricut Explore = A Good Match!

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No, I didn’t go crazy when I wrote the title to this post! Today, let’s talk Silhouette Studio Version 4 and your Cricut Explore.

I’ve said these things on the blog before, and I’ll say them again:

  1. In my opinion, the Cricut Explore cuts better than the Silhouette Cameo.
  2. In my opinion, Silhouette Studio is a far better design program than Cricut’s Design Space.

Now, let’s get on to Silhouette Studio and your Cricut:

What’s Different about Silhouette Studio Version 4?

In the most updated version of Silhouette Studio, you can design and save your file as an SVG file. This file will open and be ready to cut in Cricut Design Space.

How Do You Get Silhouette Studio Version 4?

Silhouette Studio version 4 has now been released as a beta software. This means that it is still in testing phases and there are bugs to be worked out. (It is worth noting that the software has been in a private beta testing mode for a bit.) It has now moved to public beta testing. You can download it at this link (you’ll want the 4.1 or higher version). The basic version of Silhouette Studio is free, but you’ll need Business Edition (a one time fee) to save as an SVG.

How Do You Save as an SVG in Silhouette Studio?

After creating your design, follow these steps:

  1. Click “File”, “Save As”, “Save to Hard Drive”: Silhouette Studio Version 4 + Cricut Explore = A Good Match! - by
  2. Name your file and change the format to SVG. Silhouette Studio Version 4 + Cricut Explore = A Good Match! - by
  3. Last, open your new SVG in Cricut Design Space: Silhouette Studio Version 4 + Cricut Explore = A Good Match! - by

How Do You Work Silhouette Studio?

There are a million tutorials around the internet for Cricut Explore users to learn Silhouette Studio. Searching YouTube is a great place to start, or joining one of the many Silhouette Cameo Facebook Groups. I’d suggest you just get in the software and experiment!

What Do I Think is Most Exciting for Cricut Explore Users?

You’ll finally be able to curve text easily and create custom rhinestone designs – plus loads of other stuff!

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Silhouette Studio Version 4 + Cricut Explore = A Good Match! - by


Friday 12th of October 2018

Hi, i have a silhouette cameo 3, i love the program disgn, but i have read many articles about how great cuts cricut, so i want to buy a cricut maker. but always said it works with internet. If i used my silhouette program to makr the design, then i can save it and cut in cricut working all the tiome offline?


Tuesday 16th of October 2018

Correct. It isn't a fool proof method and some designs don't work as well as others.


Saturday 10th of February 2018

i was so excited when i read your blog. So purchased the business upgrade. Then when i exported my first SVG it changed it all to dotted lines that i can't figure out how to work with in design space. Has Silhouette wrecked the ability to export a useable svg since you first posted this?


Saturday 24th of March 2018

Holly, I read that the dotted-line issue you experienced could be because the design you were using was one owned by Silhouette, and you can’t use Silhouette-owned designs in other software.. Try opening / importing a design of your own in Silhouette Studio, save it as an SVG, then open it in Cricut Design Space. Is the dotted-line issue resolved when using designs other than Silhouette’s own designs?


Wednesday 14th of February 2018

No, I export SVG's from Silhouette to Cricut all the time.

Christine Brown

Sunday 28th of January 2018

Didn't work for me. Thanks for sharing.


Monday 29th of January 2018

I'm happy to help if you share the details of "Didn't work for me". :)


Monday 25th of December 2017

Wow everything here is so helpful thanks for that! I got the Cricut explore air 3 today as a gift but I asked for the cameo. After researching one vs the other I’m stuck and can’t decide if I should send the Cricut back and get cameo or just run with it and get cameo software. Design limits were an issue but this article seems to give me a fix for that. Now I’m worried about size limits and not being able to use advanced designs from cameo software. I’m an avid arts/crafts/diy person and don’t want to put myself in a corner with limited creative options. PLEASE HELP LOL!


Thursday 4th of January 2018

The Explore Air is a great machine, but the software can be limiting.


Thursday 30th of November 2017

I have had a Silhouette for about 2 years, and I have fallen in love with the software. I use it for all kinds of things, not just cut files. I was fortunate enough to recently win an Explore Air. While I was waiting to get it I checked out the software and thought , wow, this is not what I'm used to! I upgraded to business when 4 was released so I would have the ability to save other file types. I was so happy to find this post!


Friday 8th of December 2017

Awesome! Enjoy it!