Silhouette Studio Version 4 + Cricut Explore = A Good Match!

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No, I didn’t go crazy when I wrote the title to this post! Today, let’s talk Silhouette Studio Version 4 and your Cricut Explore.

I’ve said these things on the blog before, and I’ll say them again:

  1. In my opinion, the Cricut Explore cuts better than the Silhouette Cameo.
  2. In my opinion, Silhouette Studio is a far better design program than Cricut’s Design Space.

Now, let’s get on to Silhouette Studio and your Cricut:

What’s Different about Silhouette Studio Version 4?

In the most updated version of Silhouette Studio, you can design and save your file as an SVG file. This file will open and be ready to cut in Cricut Design Space.

How Do You Get Silhouette Studio Version 4?

Silhouette Studio version 4 has now been released as a beta software. This means that it is still in testing phases and there are bugs to be worked out. (It is worth noting that the software has been in a private beta testing mode for a bit.) It has now moved to public beta testing. You can download it at this link (you’ll want the 4.1 or higher version). The basic version of Silhouette Studio is free, but you’ll need Business Edition (a one time fee) to save as an SVG.

How Do You Save as an SVG in Silhouette Studio?

After creating your design, follow these steps:

  1. Click “File”, “Save As”, “Save to Hard Drive”: Silhouette Studio Version 4 + Cricut Explore = A Good Match! - by
  2. Name your file and change the format to SVG. Silhouette Studio Version 4 + Cricut Explore = A Good Match! - by
  3. Last, open your new SVG in Cricut Design Space: Silhouette Studio Version 4 + Cricut Explore = A Good Match! - by

How Do You Work Silhouette Studio?

There are a million tutorials around the internet for Cricut Explore users to learn Silhouette Studio. Searching YouTube is a great place to start, or joining one of the many Silhouette Cameo Facebook Groups. I’d suggest you just get in the software and experiment!

What Do I Think is Most Exciting for Cricut Explore Users?

You’ll finally be able to curve text easily and create custom rhinestone designs – plus loads of other stuff!

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Silhouette Studio Version 4 + Cricut Explore = A Good Match! - by

47 thoughts on “Silhouette Studio Version 4 + Cricut Explore = A Good Match!”

  1. Thank you!! I spent over an hour yesterday afternoon dealing with issues with DS being slow. I bought Cricut because all the reviews said it cuts better but I hate DS sometimes.

  2. Christine, thank you so much for this! I look forward to your updates and this one is especially great as i get so frustrated with Design Space. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Christine, I enjoy reading your blogs. I have a question. I have a Brother Scan N Cut. I like it but I don’t think the Canvas on line software does as much as the Cricut or the Silhouette Cameo does. Is there a way I could down load either one of them and use mine to cut out? If so, what would the price be or are they free to down load. I tried but the Cricut says the internet doesn’t read it any longer that I would have to use Chrome. I’m just curious to know if I could use their software to set up my designs to cut out with my machine. Thanks, Jane

    1. yes, because you can import svgs into Brother, so if you designed in Silhouette, saved as svg, then imported to Brother you could do it. I would recommend downloading the basic edition of silhouette studio, it’s free, and trying it out to see if you like it. If you do you can go back to Silhouette America and it will explain how to buy the business edition to be able to save as svg!

  4. Hi Christine,
    I’ve left the Cricut Explore in the box since I bought it because of the limited size you can print & cut. After this post since you mentioned it cuts better than the Silhouette, I’m curious to try it. However I’m hesitant to bother because of the small size – can you please tell me what is the largest size you can cut using the Explore? And what is the largest size you I could do for print & cut with my Explore?
    If I use Sillhouette Studio 4 does that override the small size limitations? If I can print & cut 12×24 like my Silhouette, that would be so awesome!
    Thank you!!

  5. I totally agree! I love the Silhouette software so much better than the Cricut software, but the Cricut cuts much nicer than the Silhouette. I have not updated the software yet(will wait till it’s out of beta) but when I do and can convert studio files to SVG it will be the best of both worlds!

  6. I’m so glad I found this pinned on pinterest! I have wished for ages that I could design in Silhouette and cut with the Cricut, because I agree totally that my Cricut cuts much better, but I hate design space! So hallelujah! Made my day, thanks!

    1. Good afternoon,

      My name is Cathy. I read this post today and wanted to ask you about this message above. I can use my Silhoutte program and cut with the Cricut. Do I need the Business software to do this? Can you please guide me. I have researched this and just found your site and have this question. Thanks for your help.

  7. Hi Christine,
    I read your article Silhouette Studio Version 4 + Cricut Explore = A good match! I have the Silhouette Cameo and love the software. I bought the Cricut Explore Air 2 love the cuts. I downloaded the Beta V4.1, saved the file as a SVG file as instructed. Tried to cut the file with the Cricut but the cut lines are dashes and I don’t how to change them. Please help! You helped me take my crafting to another level!!!!
    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Doris, Not sure if you got an answer to this question yet but the answer is becuase you exported a design store design. designs that were purchased in the desing store will all export with dashed lines, its a copywrite thing. I believe the only way around this is if you purchase the commercial license but don’t quote me on that as I am going off memory.

  8. Have you used illustrator and, if so, is it better than silhouette studio? I want to start creating my own designs but just trying to find out which direction to go.

      1. I tried to use AI first and was completely lost. I feel like Silhouette has all the greatest features of AI without all the extra confusing aspects.

  9. Hi Christine, I suspected that I could pull my silhouette Designs from V4+ to Cricut thanks for the confirmation. I have long been interested in Cricut but since the general consensus has been since it first iteration that the software is pretty awful, I always went with Silhouette. But the rotary blade is a serious game changer. I am quieter, sewist and dyer so I spend my days cutting fabric. I have wished for years that Silhouette would make something that would be useful but cutting fabric just doesn’t seem to be a priority for them. My only lingering questions is if I were to purchase something in the Cricut store can I save it to my desktop and open in Silhouette to edit? I almost NEVER just make a pattern I always think at least one thing has to be changed.

  10. Hi, Christine! I have a Cricut and I have been looking seriously at the Silhouette Studio Business Edition software. I am so glad to have found your article because I haven’t been able to find much else as to whether or not it would work to design in Studio and then export the SVG to Design Space. Thank you so much for this! 🙂

    Also, I saw that Silhouette Studio Business Edition has lots of neat features, such as adding weeding lines and creating pop-up designs. Do you know if these images will convert over to Design Space? (For example, if I save an SVG that I have added weeding lines to and send it to Design Space, will the weeding lines still be there and functional?)

    Thanks so much for your help! I really enjoy your site! 🙂


  11. Before I spend $100 on this software, do you know if it’s possible to save the file in a way I can do engraving using the Cricut Maker? The Design Space software doesn’t let you engrave the inside of the shape, just the outer lines.

  12. Hi, I’m a newbie. I just purchased some Silhouette designs (svg). Was wondering, why when I uploaded to cricut the words extend outside of the design, Off center? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  13. I have had a Silhouette for about 2 years, and I have fallen in love with the software. I use it for all kinds of things, not just cut files. I was fortunate enough to recently win an Explore Air. While I was waiting to get it I checked out the software and thought , wow, this is not what I’m used to! I upgraded to business when 4 was released so I would have the ability to save other file types. I was so happy to find this post!

  14. Wow everything here is so helpful thanks for that!
    I got the Cricut explore air 3 today as a gift but I asked for the cameo. After researching one vs the other I’m stuck and can’t decide if I should send the Cricut back and get cameo or just run with it and get cameo software. Design limits were an issue but this article seems to give me a fix for that. Now I’m worried about size limits and not being able to use advanced designs from cameo software. I’m an avid arts/crafts/diy person and don’t want to put myself in a corner with limited creative options.

  15. i was so excited when i read your blog. So purchased the business upgrade. Then when i exported my first SVG it changed it all to dotted lines that i can’t figure out how to work with in design space. Has Silhouette wrecked the ability to export a useable svg since you first posted this?

    1. Holly, I read that the dotted-line issue you experienced could be because the design you were using was one owned by Silhouette, and you can’t use Silhouette-owned designs in other software.. Try opening / importing a design of your own in Silhouette Studio, save it as an SVG, then open it in Cricut Design Space. Is the dotted-line issue resolved when using designs other than Silhouette’s own designs?

  16. Hi, i have a silhouette cameo 3, i love the program disgn, but i have read many articles about how great cuts cricut, so i want to buy a cricut maker. but always said it works with internet. If i used my silhouette program to makr the design, then i can save it and cut in cricut working all the tiome offline?

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