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Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Santa’s Footprints SVG

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Design with Me is a new regular feature on Cutting for Business! Each Friday, I’ll bring you a new Silhouette Studio tutorial featuring how to design an SVG.

When I write tutorials, I try to include a mix of in depth tutorials – and quick ones where you can sit down and in 15 minutes you can have an SVG ready to cut.

Today’s Santa’s footprints tutorials is a quick one!

Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Santa's Footprints SVG -

About Design with Me Tutorials

Design with Me Tutorials are created with intermediate Silhouette Studio users in mind. It’s helpful to know the basics of designing in Silhouette Studio before starting the tutorials.

All Design with Me tutorials use Silhouette Studio Business Edition. If you do not have Silhouette Studio Business Edition, some tools may not be available in your Silhouette Studio Edition. Get Silhouette Studio Business Edition.

Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Santa’s Footprints

  1. Grab a boot sole clip art from your favorite source. Double check the license to make sure it has commercial use. I grabbed mine from Adobe Stock.
Adobe Stock Screenshot -

2. Open the image in Silhouette Studio, then navigate to ‘Panels’, ‘Trace’. Trace the image and delete the original.

Silhouette Studio Screenshot -
Silhouette Studio Screenshot -
Silhouette Studio Screenshot -

3. Right click the boot soles and select ‘Release Compound Path’. This allows you to manipulate each piece of the boot sole independently.

Silhouette Studio Screenshot -
Silhouette Studio Screenshot -

4. Delete all the interior pieces of the boot soles.

Silhouette Studio Screenshot -

5. Use your favorite Christmas dingbat font and fill the interior of the boot sole with Christmas-y things. For this tutorial, I used the Country Trees font for the tree.

Silhouette Studio Screenshot -

That’s it! Your Santa’s footprints are done!

In a hurry? You can design one sole, then duplicate it and mirror it for a second sole. Don’t forget to reverse your text if you have any in your design.

My finished design looks like this when used with some flour on the floor:

Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Santa's Footprints SVG - Finished Design -

Don’t Forget to Save!

To save your new SVG creation, head to ‘File’, ‘Save As’, ‘Save to Hard Drive’, name the file, then select ‘SVG’ from the dropdown menu.

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