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35+ Reading Sayings for Crafters

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School is almost back in session – and that means plenty of reading. And today, I’ve got inspiration out there for the bookworms. These sayings are perfect for tee shirts, classroom decor, librarian gifts, and much more.

35+ Reading Sayings for Crafters

I’d rather be reading
Always fully booked
When in doubt, go to the library
Readers gonna read
I can’t live without books
Book nerd
Good book, cozy nook
Read to succeed
Drink (coffee, tea, wine, etc) and read books
Never judge a book by its movie
Professional bookworm
Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be
Book junkie
I like books more than people
Reading squad
Fiction addiction
The library is calling and I must go
The book was better/The book is always better
Read your heart out
Reading is dreaming with your eyes open
Read more books
I would always rather be reading
Reading – a ticket to everywhere
I read past my bedtime
Future librarian
Sun, sand, book in my hand
Just one more chapter
Eat, Sleep, Read
I’m booked this week/weekend
Talk fiction to me
A reader lives 1000 lives
Bookmarks are for quitters
Booked and busy
So many books – so little time
Life is better with books
If you can read, you can learn anything

Like any of the crafting inspiration lists on Cutting for Business, be sure to check for trademark conflicts before selling products with any saying.

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