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6 Signs You Might Be Ready to Quit Your Full Time Job to Run Your Craft Business

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It’s a dream that so many makers share: Quitting the 9-5 full time job to craft full time. Or maybe right now you are weighing your options in an uncertain time with kids that may or may not be physically going back to school.

While working at home can be an amazing way to raise your family and free yourself from the stresses of corporate life; I don’t recommend that craft business owners immediately quit their full time gigs to solely pursue a work from home business.

Instead, you’ve got to be ready for the change – and prepare for it. Today, let’s look at the signs that you are ready to put in your notice and stop working full time to run your Silhouette or Cricut craft business.

6 Signs You Are Ready to Craft Full Time

  1. Your craft business is well established and profitable. Too many, and I mean too many times, I get emails that say someone just purchased their machine and is thinking of quitting their job because they see the successes of others online. Unfortunately, the successes you see online of other makers are not your successes. It’s probably been a long road with failures and successes that have led other makers to quitting their jobs. I have no doubt that your time will come, but wait until your small business is making at least the same amount of income you receive in your day job before you think of quitting.
  2. You have built up a nest egg of savings. The handmade market can be hot and cold. In busy times you’ll have so many orders that you have to cut them off; while in slow times, you have to search for customers who want to purchase. You’ll need a healthy savings account to compensate for the slow times in your business. Ideally, everyone should have 3 to 6 months of living expenses available in liquid cash at all times.
  3. You are self motivated and can stay on task. Working from home presents itself with a lot of distractions. From the tv to pets or kids, if you aren’t focused your day can slip away and you may not even realize it. To help with the distractions and keep a home/work balance – a dedicated workspace is essential.
  4. You’ve figured out a health insurance solution. One stumbling block for work at home people is figuring out health insurance – and being able to afford it. While you can look to the health insurance marketplace, private companies, or religious based organizations – you’ll need to get this detail worked out if your current job provides your health insurance. The first step? Look at your current pay stub and see how much you currently pay for health insurance. Then, start comparing the rates you pay to the current rates available.
  5. You can deal with solidarity. While working in pajamas is a plus, working at home in a craft business can be lonely. If you thrive on interaction with others throughout your day; ask yourself if you will really be able to handle working alone day in and day out.
  6. You’re prepared for people to not take you seriously. From someone who works at home: when you tell people you work from own in a craft business you may get negative or puzzled expressions. To this day, I have family and friends that constantly offer me tips on places that are hiring or ask me when I’m going to get a real job. If you don’t mind dealing with this, you might be ready to work from home.

If you’ve read the list and you aren’t there yet – don’t panic. Your time will come, just keep at it. If you are just starting out in your Silhouette or Cricut business. Here’s a great list of things to consider before you start your business.

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