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Paypal Policy and Fee Update – July 2022

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Heya! How’s it going? I normally don’t add anything to the blog over the summer because I take the time to spend with my kids. However, a few days ago Paypal released information about updated fees and policies. This time, it is important enough to break my summer post fast to tell you about it.

What is Changing with Paypal?

Paypal is making two changes to the Goods & Services fee structure.

The first is a fee change. Currently, the fee is 2.89% + $0.49 USD. The new fee will be 2.99% with no fixed fee.

The second change relates to the Friends & Family setting. Currently, anyone can mark a payment Friends & Family to avoid fees if paying from a bank account. This is against Paypal’s Terms & Services, but crafters (and other creators and users) have been doing this for years. To correct this loophole, Paypal will now only offer the Friends & Family option between a personal Paypal account and another personal Paypal account.

When Do These Changes Take Effect?

The changes are effective for PayPal customers in the US on July 28, 2022. There was no information about customers outside the US.

Want to read the press release yourself?

Paypal Changes for Crafters, Creatives, and Makers - July 2022 -