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How to Package Decals in Your Silhouette or Cricut Business

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Several readers ask me every week how to package decals they made on their Silhouette or Cricut for shipping to customers. Today, I’ll show you how I package them.

Two Ways to Package Decals for Shipping

Method 1 – Put the decal in an envelope and put a stamp on it.

  • Pros – This is cheap and you can offer free shipping.
  • Cons – You can’t have tracking on the package. In the event that the package is lost or damaged, you will need to replace the decal at your expense.

Method 2 – A better solution to packaging decals for shipping is to use a non-bendable photo mailer and cardboard inserts.

  • Pros – This is a more professional presentation to your customer.
  • Cons – This method is slightly more expensive.

Things to Remember When Shipping Decals

  • Be sure to put instructions in your package. If you’d like my free unbranded car decal application instructions, visit this post. Free unbranded wall decal application instructions are in this post.
  • Larger decals should be shipped in a mailing tube.
  • Always include a business card.
  • Transfer tape or paper should already be applied.
  • Layered decals should be assembled before shipping.
  • Including an applicator is a good idea. For cheap applicators, a popsicle stick works.
  • Consider sending a prepackaged alcohol wipe with your decal for the customer to clean the surface before application.
  • You could make a “Do Not Bend” stamp with your Silhouette Mint to stamp on the outside of the package.

How do you package your decals for shipping? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to pin this post on Pinterest:

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Thursday 13th of August 2020

I've been selling decals online for a few months now. Shipping with USPS with no tracking so I can offer free shipping. I had a customer message me today that they haven't received their order. Of course I told them I would remake it but I want to send it qith teacking this time so I know it gets there. Also considering switching to shipping with tracking in general. Do you know what the most economical way to ship with tracking is? When I tried doing it with tracking in the beginning it was $5-7 to ship with tracking through USPS. There must be a cheaper way to ship a decal with tracking!

Christine, Cutting for Business

Monday 31st of August 2020

A decal should ship for $2 to $4 using First Class Mail through the USPS.

Suzanne Peeraer

Thursday 14th of May 2020

Hello Christine, I am designing some custom vinyl decals for a good cause. I might not distribute or ship them myself, so I will have to make them in advance. I have never kept vinyl decals longer then a couple of days before using them. How long can a vinyl decal survive before using it? I have flat strong cardboard envelops and plan to just weed the designs, put on high tack see through transfer tape, cut them out in a square shape, put them in the envelops and hand them over to the organisation. How long can they keep them before sending them? And will they still stick? Kind regards, Suzanne ( All the way from Belgium)

Christine, Cutting for Business

Monday 31st of August 2020

I've kept mine on transfer tape for months and months and never had an issue.

Wendy H

Saturday 11th of April 2020

Do you burnish the decal to the transfer tape before sending to customers or is that left to the customer to do?

Christine, Cutting for Business

Wednesday 6th of May 2020

You'd do it.


Sunday 8th of March 2020

WOW! Thank you for this very helpful information! You answered many questions I was looking for answers to! Brenda

Christine, Cutting for Business

Thursday 26th of March 2020

So happy to be able to help!


Thursday 12th of September 2019

Hi there! I love this article, great information.

I was wondering what transfer tape you recommend for the shipping of decals? It may have been mentioned above and I may have just missed your recommendation.

Thanks so much, Jenna

Christine, Cutting for Business

Wednesday 18th of September 2019

I use Greenstar transfer tape, but not everyone likes it. Others prefer a clear.