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40+ New Baby Onesie Sayings for Crafters

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I don’t know about you guys, but everywhere I’ve been lately I see pregnant bellies! (And, I get a little baby fever – but four kids is definitely enough for our family.) In any case, with all these new babies entering the world, they need clothes to wear! Not just clothes – but adorable, hilarious, and cuddle worthy handmade clothes!

So, grab your favorite heat transfer product and get to work making baby stuff. Here’s a list of sayings to inspire you.

40+ New Baby Onesie Sayings for Crafters

Let the adventure begin/The greatest adventure begins
Tiny human
New in town
Hello world, I’m (name)
Baby (Last name)
(First letter of name) is for (name) – Example: C is for Christine
Plot twist!
New to the crew/tribe/family
Party at my crib
Current family favorite
Loved beyond measure
Thank heaven for little boys (or girls)
My siblings have paws (claws, beaks, hooves, etc)
Future (any occupation or hobby)
Born to (any hobby)
(Any hobby or occupation) in training
Best baby ever
Little prayer answered
I am loved/Loved.
I’m proof that God answers prayers
Nap game strong
Birth: Nailed it!
Locally grown
Warning: I’m a flirt
Mama needs wine (or beer, or coffee)
Small fry
I have arrived
Powered by milk/Powered by breast milk
Made in (State or city name)
Freshly squeezed
I still live with my parents
Just spent 9 months on the inside
Straight outta mama/Straight outta the womb
Got it from my mama (Or other family member)
My aunt/uncle/cousin is single
My heart belongs to my mom/dad/grandma/grandpa
Made with love
Oh, baby
Worth the wait
Little Brother/Sister/Cousin
Daddy’s sidekick (or other family member)

Craft and sell responsibly: You should check all phrases against the TESS database before putting them on products to sell to avoid trademark conflicts. Also, the word ‘onesie’ is trademarked by Gerber.

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40+ New Baby Onesie Sayings for Crafters and Crafting - Silhouette Portrait, Cameo, Curio and Cricut Explore, Maker, and Joy -


Wednesday 6th of May 2020

So if i check the database for these that you have mentioned and there not on there,I can sell them on clothes?Also what if I like a few than they start selling really well and then someone trademarks.Does that mean I have to quit selling them with that specific phrase?

Christine, Cutting for Business

Wednesday 6th of May 2020

You could either quit using the phrase or challenge the trademark if you can document that you were already using it when it was trademarked.