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Spring Marketing Ideas for Craft Businesses

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The Spring season is almost here. Spring is a great time for new products, new customers, or a Spring sale. And, that means plenty of opportunities for Silhouette and Cricut craft businesses to make money.

Let’s look at a some Spring marketing ideas for your craft business.

Spring Marketing Ideas for Craft Businesses -

Spring Marketing Ideas for Craft Businesses

Use these marketing themes throughout the Spring months in your products, social media platforms, and promotions.


Nature shows us that Spring is a time for renewal. Focus your marketing efforts on fresh starts and color palettes that feature bright colors like greens, yellows, pinks, purples, and light blues.

Milder Weather

As the snow melts and temperatures rise, Spring is the time for many to head to their gardens. Products focused on gardening and spending time outdoors will sell well. With Earth Day in April, small businesses can focus on green living and creating.

Spring Cleaning

For many, Spring is a time to deep clean and purge with a good cleaning. Use this concept in your craft business to get rid of old inventory that you haven’t been able to move. An ‘in with the new and out with the old’ social media campaign could work well.

Spring Fling

Many companies will hold ‘Spring Fling’ sales. Market this idea with your favorite product. You might describe it as ‘easy to fall in love with fast and on sale until (date)’.

Spring Break

Across the country, schools will be out for Spring Break. Spring is an excellent time to start marketing your summer products early – for those customers that may be traveling to vacation at the beach. You can market everything from personalized sun hats or visors, custom beach towels, and shirts with fun sayings.

Outdoor Events

With warmer weather, craft fairs and shows can be held outdoors. Consider signing up for an outdoor event, or a space at your local farmer’s market.

Taxes/Tax Refunds

With taxes in the United States due in April, many think of Spring as ‘tax time’. Theme promotions on your social media around a ‘Tax Relief Sale’ or a ‘Tax Refund Sale’. Since many customers receive refunds, focus on reminding them they can spend their tax refund on a product in your shop.


In late Spring, graduations start. You could theme products to kindergarten graduation, middle school graduation, high school graduation, or college graduation. Remember to aim products towards both gifts for graduates and gifts to help them in their next step in life.

Major Holidays in Spring

St. Patrick’s Day

Think all things luck, lucky, and green. While consumers don’t spend a lot of money on St. Patrick’s Day, lower priced items usually sell well. Consider theming your St. Patrick’s Day products to specific groups or professions.

Product Ideas to Sell: Shirts, Irish blessing signs and decor, leprechaun treat bags or traps, and drinkware or drinkware decals.


Last year, the National Retail Federation estimated that Americans spent an average of $192.01 on Easter. This is divided into these main categories: Candy, food, gifts, clothing, and decorations. (Source.)

In 2024, Easter falls early: March 31. Be sure to get your Easter products ready to sell early. You can choose either a religious path or an Easter bunny path in your craft business.

Product Ideas to Sell: Small products like keychains, plush, and personalized goods that can be put into Easter baskets, custom Easter basket tags, matching family shirts, home decor, Easter themed garland, Easter table decor, or DIY Easter egg decorating kits with vinyl stencils.

Cinco de Mayo

While Cinco de Mayo isn’t a huge celebration in much of Mexico, in the US, we use it to celebrate Mexican-American heritage.

If you recognize Cinco de Mayo in your business, be sure to be culturally aware and respectful. There is a great article on this from Better Homes and Gardens.

Possible Collaborations for Cinco de Mayo: Partner with a local Mexican restaurant or a Mexican owned local business.

Mother’s Day

At some time, everyone has had or has a mother. Include customers in your social media promotions. Increase customer engagement by asking your customers to share a photo of their mother or them with their mother across your social channels.

Also, when marketing for Mother’s Day, be sure your target audience is dads. Dads are often primary shoppers for Mother’s Day.

Product Ideas to Sell: Mother’s Day cards, photo frames, tote bags, custom jewelry, mom-themed decals, or monogrammed kitchen accessories.

Companies to Partner with This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to partner with local businesses. Collaborating with other businesses can help your business reach a wider audience and and bring you new potential customers.

Here are some ideas:

  • Florists
  • Landscapers & lawn care providers
  • Realtors
  • Pressure washing companies
  • Home organizers
  • Plant nurseries
  • Cleaning services
  • Wedding and event planners

No matter what you plan for Spring in your craft business, I hope this article on Spring marketing ideas has helped you. Look for some crafting inspiration? I’ve got a list of Spring sayings to get you started.