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Fall Marketing Themes & Ideas for Your Craft Business

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Crafty friends, fall is coming. If you’ve got a craft business – it is time to switch from Summer and all things Back to School and head into Fall.

Good news though: Fall is usually a high time for consumer spending. Shoppers spend quite a bit on Halloween and Thanksgiving as they head into the ultimate spending period: Christmas. Today, let’s take a look at the themes you can market around for the coming months.

Fall Marketing Themes for Craft Businesses - by

Fall Marketing Themes

Use these marketing themes throughout the Fall months in your products, social media posts, and promotions.

Fall Icons

Design with leaves, pumpkins, hay, gourds, apple, pies, and more all sell well.

Cooler Weather

As the temperature drops, keep the thoughts of warmth in your marketing. Use words like cozy, warm, or toasty in your text and captions. This works especially well if you are advertising throws, pillows, hoodies, and other gear for cooler months.

Youth Sports

The start of school means the start of football, hockey, golf, soccer, and more. Sell non-trademark infringing spirit wear to local teams. Better yet? Get yourself a contract with one of the sports teams to handle their gear.

Cool Colors

Use browns, deep reds, dark yellows, and burnt oranges in your product designs and marketing colors. Consider making fall banners with deep, rich colors to spruce up your shop.

Time Change

Use the time change (1 hour backwards) to host a sale. Text like, “You might lose an hour today, but you’ll gain XYZ at (name of business)” will work well.


Think all things spooky and scary. Halloween is always a large spending time for consumers. For Halloween, purples, greens, blacks, and oranges work well in both products and marketing.


Consumers express gratitude around this time. Share things you are grateful for in your social media. Continue the grateful theme in your product lines.


Of course, you can’t forget that Christmas is coming. Begin listing Christmas products during Fall time for the early bird shoppers looking to get a jumpstart on the holidays. Wording like, “Only XX shopping days left before Christmas” is a great call to action to use.