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3 Ways to Make the Most of Customer Reviews

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The internet has changed the way that people shop. Rather than have to ask friends and families for reviews or search magazines for mentions of great products, customers can read feedback of individual products and of sellers instantly before making a purchase.

Today, let’s look at three ways to benefit more from the feedback you are already receiving in your Silhouette or Cricut craft business.

3 Ways to Benefit from Customer Reviews

  1. Share reviews across platforms. Take a screenshot of a particularly good review left on Facebook and post it to Instagram. By doing this, you are doing two separate things: 1) Showing off a great review from a customer, and 2) Letting your Instagram followers know that you are also on Facebook. In many cases, customers will also come over and like you on Facebook to interact with you there – especially if you include a link in your Instagram bio to your Facebook page for a period of time. This method isn’t just good between Instagram and Facebook. You can share something from any network to another.
  2. Recognize and respond to all reviews. If you can, thank and respond to all reviews. This shows the customers (and potential shoppers) that you are interested in them after the sale, which leads to repeat customers. Note: This isn’t possible on all platforms. For example, on Etsy you cannot respond to positive reviews.
  3. Create a testimonials page. If you have your own website, create a testimonials page where you place reviews from your Facebook, Instagram, Google, or other online reviews. On testimonial pages, I like to also place a link where the customer can read the review where it was originally posted. This helps you add credibility and let’s the customer ‘fact check’ to make sure you didn’t make up the review.

Have some feedback that isn’t so great? Get some tips for dealing with it in this post on the blog.

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