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What to Do With Leftover Christmas Inventory

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Just like the big box retailers, you have to decide what to do with any leftover Christmas products or supplies in your Silhouette or Cricut small business. Let’s take a look at the three options today, along with the pros and cons.

What to Do With Leftover Christmas Inventory -

What to Do With Leftover Christmas Inventory

  1. Pack it all up and save it for next year.
    • Pros: If you have the extra space, it isn’t difficult to pack up your products and sell them next year. You don’t even have to wait until the next holiday season, because Christmas in July is a thing!
    • Cons: If you’ve got a lot of money invested in the products, you won’t get your money back immediately.
  2. Clearance it out. Offer your remaining Christmas inventory at a discounted price.
    • Pros: You’ll get rid of everything and customers love sales!
    • Cons: Holding a sale can be tedious. Also, you may not make as much money as you had planned by putting Christmas products on sale.
  3. Do nothing. There are many craft businesses who leave Christmas products listed in their shop year round. (I mean, think of the brick and mortar Christmas stores who stay open all year long!)
    • Pros: You’ll get a little extra rest in if you don’t do anything with your remaining Christmas inventory.
    • Cons: Unsold Christmas inventory may sell slowly and take up virtual space in your shop.

Tell me in the comments, what will you do with your unsold Christmas inventory? And, don’t forget to download this printable guide that tells you when to list what holiday craft products for sale.


Tuesday 12th of January 2021

I was thinking about this earlier today and how if I had products for Christmas that were red or green I could add a heart or shamrock and make them Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day products instead. I was specifically thinking about doing this with homemade gnomes.

Christine, Cutting for Business

Monday 22nd of February 2021

Thanks for sharing!