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30+ Laundry Room Sayings for Crafters

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Looking to add some new products to your shop? What’s one thing that almost every house has? A laundry room! Get inspired with these sayings – and don’t forget the free laundry room SVG at the end of the post!

30+ Laundry Room Sayings for Crafters

The Laundry Room – Loads of Fun
Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow
Wash & Dry
Wash – Dry – Fold
Soak, Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat
The Laundry is Looking at Me Dirty Again
The Laundry Co.
This House has Endless Love… and Laundry
Laundry Stinks
Laundry: The Never Ending Cycle
I Love Laundry, Said No One Ever
The Best Days End with the Dirtiest Clothes
The Laundry Room: Sorting out Life One Load at a Time
Irony, The Opposite of Wrinkly
The Laundry Room – Self Service – Open 24 Hours a Day
Lost Socks Seeking Sole Mates
Don’t worry laundry, no one is doing me either
Laundry Schedule: Sort today, Wash later, Fold eventually, Iron never
Check your pockets
Single and Ready to Mingle (Socks)
Laundry Room: For same day service – do it yourself
Laundry Sucks – Since Forever
Fluff and Fold – Self Serve Laundry Service
Clean. Single. Looking for mates. (Socks)
The Laundry Room: Where Normal is Just a Setting
Life is too short to fold fitted sheets
It all comes out in the wash
Laundry Room – Drop Your Pants Here
Department of Lost Socks
(Family Name)’s Laundry Room

Looking for a laundry room SVG that is ready to cut? Pick one up at this link.

As always, you should do a trademark search in the TESS database before using any phrase or saying in a product you sell.

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30+ Laundry Room Sayings for Crafters - Inspiration for Silhouette (Portrait, Cameo, Curio) or Cricut (Explore, Maker, Joy) DIY Crafting - by