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How to Report Trademark Infringements

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Lately, it seems that Cutting for Business readers are becoming more aware of trademark infringements – and the sheer number of them in the handmade community. In the last few weeks, I have received several emails asking how to report trademark infringements they see online.

Large companies and corporations have entire teams dedicated to looking and taking action against trademark infringements. These teams watch social media, stores, and online marketplaces for infringements. While it isn’t necessary for you to report infringements you see online, most companies accept reports from consumers.

Today, I’m giving you information on how to report trademark infringements to major companies.

How to Report Trademark Infringements Online

Below, I’ve listed a handful of specific companies that I often see crafters making without permission.

DisneyClick here for reporting information.

Musicians & Recording artists: Reach out directly to each musician. You can usually find contact information to get in touch with their team on their website.

Harley Davidson – Email

MarvelClick here for reporting information.

Nike – Email In your email, include the product, the store location and/or the website address.

MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and College Sports Teams – Members of CAPS, report using submission form found at this link.

Good to know: In most cases, you will remain anonymous when you report the trademark infringement. In some cases, your email address with be recorded. 

You Can Reach Out to the Trademark Holder

If you’d like to report trademark infringement to smaller companies and individuals, you can find the trademark in question using the TESS database. Near the bottom of the record, contact information for the trademark holder or their attorney is listed. You can reach out the them to report and infringement you’ve seen.

Reporting As a Trademark Holder

If you are a registered trademark holder and would like to report infringement of your trademarks, this page from has links to popular marketplaces and social media networks where you can report infringement. The list includes Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba, Ebay, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, and more.

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How to Report Trademark Infringements - A good read for Silhouette Cameo and Cricut small business owners - by


Saturday 6th of November 2021

Custom Brick Creations located in Buffalo New York is taking legos Disney all sorts of comic book brands. She is using as her own. She’s pretty much making fan art and re selling as her own. Someone should take a look at is.

Christine, Cutting for Business

Thursday 11th of November 2021

Hello! You'll need to reach out to each company to report the infringements.


Monday 17th of May 2021

We have sent this several times and are very upset that nothing has been done regarding this person/company mj Custom metals is still advertising Harley, nhl, baseball etc and yet they continue to do this and don’t care please can you pass this on to all the other nhl etc as we have tried and tried and we are loosing business daily to this guy and everyone is telling us that he will do it and why can’t we ..... I’m tired of telling customers no and he says no problem.... We do similar items and we get asked daily and we tell our customers No that is copyrighted and we cannot reproduce yet several people in lambton county do this all the time including mj custom metal art also on Facebook from sarnia does this DAIly look at their pictures and posts they are selling Toronto blue jays like crazy , nhl, nba, nfl and especially Harley yet no one will do anything about this . This is not fare as we keep loosing business DAILY and we have reported several times and yet no one will contact us and let us know that you are doing something about this infringement. Fix it now or allow everyone to do it. Stop this now and we’re tired of complaining with nothing being done.

Dynamic Graffix signs and more inc.

Christine, Cutting for Business

Tuesday 18th of May 2021

Hello! Please understand that I am a blogger (like a reporter). I give you facts about trademarks, crafts, small business. I can not help you with another seller or a trademark issue. Reach out to the trademark owners for assistance. Thanks!