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4 Ways to Identify Fonts from a Picture

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Sometimes when I’m logged into crafting groups for Silhouette and Cricut owners, it seems that all I see is images asking members to identify the font of a project they found online.

Today, I’m sharing some resources for you to identify fonts from a picture.

4 Ways to Identify Fonts from Pictures -

4 Ways to Identify Fonts From a Picture

Font Matcherators

These ‘matcherators’ use computer software to pair a picture of your font to fonts they have uploaded to their database. Each of the databases has different fonts loaded, so if one doesn’t work, try another.

Font Questionnaire Search Websites

This website asks you specific questions about fonts to help you identify them.

Mobile Apps for Font Identification

If you use your phone more often than your computer, pick up these apps:

Facebook Groups for Font Identifying

Sometimes, you just have to ask a person for help identifying a font. I recommend these Facebook Groups:

Craft Ethically and Don’t Copy

Remember, it’s great to be inspired by fonts you find in projects online to create your own project. However, it’s not a good idea (and it breaks copyright laws!) to copy a design you find online.

Wondering about the font I used in the Days are Long, Years are Short design above? It’s Lemon Lime. And, if you would like the design, download the Days are Long, Years are Short SVG.

Joe Pianta

Monday 12th of February 2018

Nice collection of resources! I also suggest using and google's reverse image searches to find sources and even find better images to use with the apps or web sites. You'll find my list in the What Font Is This? Facebook group's file section, an often over looked feature. Along with the group search and photo repository...



Wednesday 14th of February 2018

Thanks for sharing!